Ameyo helps Standard Chartered Bank to deliver exceptional customer Experience

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Industry: Banking

Region: Kathmandu, Nepal

About Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited has been an integral part of Standard Chartered Group since 1987. The bank enjoys the status of the largest international bank currently operating in Nepal. Worldwide, Standard Chartered has a history of over 150 years in banking and operates in many of the world’s fastest-growing markets with an extensive global network in over 70 countries in the Asia–Pacific Region, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the United Kingdom, and the Americas.


  • Manual handling of calls
  • Decreased efficiency needed to be countered with complete automation
  • Drop in telesales and marketing campaigns
  • Processes needed to be compliant to regulations

Key Benefits

  • Reduced average call time
  • Calls recorded for quality monitoring
  • IVR system automated to make incoming query management easy
  • Increased presence on social media

Ameyo Helped Standard Chartered Bank Delivering Quality Customer Experience

Bank of Makati chose AMEYO over other competitors to improve their operations. AMEYO’s CRM and Reporting solution were customized to the bank’s needs. The multi-feature solution also deployed Voice Logger, filter-based intelligent dialing, and multichannel communication (phone, SMS, e-mail, chat) functionalities. Requisite security and compliance requirements were also met. The bank could send e-mails to reps with customized templates and AMEYO updated the same on their internal database.

They were provided process-specific, customized Dialing Algorithm where AMEYO automatically dialed the customer two days before due date, on the due date, two days after due date, and followed the same pattern for “Promise-to-pay” dates. AMEYO also configured automatic e-mail notifications on specific dispositions for payment collections and escalations.


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Ameyo helps Standard Chartered Bank to deliver exceptional customer Experience

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