Ameyo advantage enables us to keep our technology costs low while extending our capabilities to address previously untapped markets”

– Sterling Global Call Center

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    Use Case

    Inbound and outbound calling to offer financial services.






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    About Sterling Global Call Center

    Sterling Global Call Center is one of the rapidly growing and in-demand outsource contact service provider in Philippines, servicing both local and foreign clients. Since 2003, they have developed programs for the mortgage industry as well as insurance, research and survey, and food delivery service. They also have inbound, outbound, and blended capabilities and provide solutions to create, facilitate, enhance, and optimize profitable relationships for the clients and customers they serve.


    • Existing solution posed security risk
    • Lack of Accurate Reporting
    • Agent Productivity


    • Personnel Authentication for data security
    • Customized reports for Quality Monitoring
    • 150%+ Agent Productivity

    Ameyo's Solution

    Sterling Global has deployed AMEYO to deliver best-in-class-quality to their customers and offer them the most reliable and customized service. With the AMEYO solution, they pride themselves on only utilizing the latest in call center technology and employing highly skilled, multilingual individuals in accordance with the internationally accepted standards. By implementing the solution, the agents are able to ensure the quality of their service is world class. Sterling Global has used AMEYO to communicate more effectively, maximize the value of their customer relationships, and drive greater revenue from each.