The Guide to Prepare your Contact Center for Holiday Season

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    Consumer Behaviour during the Holiday Season

    Celebrating Festivals in the New Normal

    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen customers’ buying behavior change. From an acceleration in the adoption of online shopping to new ways of engaging with the customers effectively – the business landscape has evolved.

    Despite the pandemic, the holiday season inherently uplifts spirits and creates positive vibes. While the excitement is running high, so are the customer expectations.  

    With increased sales and traction, the inbound customer queries also increase. That’s where the burden is felt the most aka in the contact centers. The agents are swamped, the call queues are choked and the inbound traffic is at an all-time high – more so with digital channels gaining prominence and customers using multiple channels to contact a brand. If not dealt with earlier on, this can be catastrophic. It requires meticulous planning, additional reinforcement, and most importantly the right technology partner that allows to you manage your omnichannel customer support like a breeze.Here is The Guide to Help you Ace your Customer Support During the Holiday Season in contact center. In this eBook you will learn:

    • The challenges and solutions to overcome the holiday rush while working remotely
    • Checklist to consider while preparing your contact center for the holiday season
    • Industry-wide trends and challenges
    • How an omnichannel contact center can provide you an edge to win at the CX battleground