How to Establish a Contact Center for Remote Agents in the post COVID World

Ready to setup your Remote Contact Center?

Overcoming the Pandemic Challenges with Remote Working


Managing IT Infrastructure

Handling Remote Operations

Remote Agent Productivity

Remote Monitoring of IT & Operations

Data Security and Compliance

The COVID19 pandemic has transformed the way organizations do business –  with work from home becoming the new normal. However, what about the post pandemic world? How can companies future-proof themselves to ensure a consistently high levels of operations and productivity. Join us for the webinar, as our industry experts address some of these concerns and offer effective solutions.

Highlights of the Webinar:

  • How to setup a new remote contact center or migrate from an existing setup
  • Know how to effectively manage remote operations
  • Learn how to maintain high agent productivity and collaboration while working from home
  • How to use the right technology for remote monitoring and reporting
  • Ensuring enterprise-grade security and compliance