Building a 2020 strategy for an Omnichannel Contact Center


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Building a 2020 strategy for an Omnichannel Contact Center

2020 is round the corner, and its time for Contact centers to plan towards redefining their customer experience strategy from start to finish. Its not just about silo-ed communication but developing a holistic view of the customer journey across channels(voice,email,whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook etc).

This webinar will discuss, how you can build an Omni-channel contact center using technology with voice still being the top priority for customer service.

In this webinar, you'll learn:
  • State of CX today and how technology can revolutionize contact centers
  • Identifying the correct solution stack with voice being still the top priority
  • Choosing the right technology vendor with a future product road-map

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Meet Our Speakers


Rahul Zutshi

Director – Marketing & Strategy

Vinay Subbaramaiah

Techno Brain Pvt. Ltd., Kenya

Phidelis Mwarenge

Customer Experience
Gulf African Bank, Kenya