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Unified Interface for All Support Activities

Agents can access all support tickets, customer data, and related interaction history in a single window to get a holistic picture with customer service tool. The supervisor can also configure the option allowing the agent to view all the tickets assigned to her/him, tickets in the same queue/campaign and all the tickets (open, pending, closed) associated with a customer. This ensures faster complaint resolution along with a consistently personalized customer service. Agents can also view all the integrated applications like knowledge base in a single view without the need to switch between different tabs.


Real-time Insight into Customer Sentiments

Understand your customers, analyze their emotions to create personalized experiences for them and drive loyalty with customer support tools. Sentiment analysis capabilities allow agents to truly understand a customer’s state, which helps in ticket prioritization and quick resolution to avoid further escalations. Real-time insights about customer sentiments help in intelligent routing to avoid customer aggravations.

Integrated Knowledge Base for Effective Support

Knowledge base helps agents to quickly answer customer queries in real time. Empowering agents with easy access to this information helps them to answer queries in a time efficient manner which in turn help in raising the customer service bar. You can compile various FAQs and product-related informational articles in a centralized knowledge base which can be easily integrated with FusionCX.


One-Step Ticket Resolution via LITE Tickets

Cut down the extra work of your agents on closing and updating lower complexity tickets. Ameyo help desk software lets you create LITE tickets for interactions where the ticket is resolved in the first contact and no additional actions are required to close it. Agents can save time through a one-step resolution for all the tickets that are closed in the first conversation.

Expedite Field Service Operations

Streamline your field service operations by allowing field agents, who provide services at the customer location, an easy access to tickets on the go. With FusionCX, the tickets are pushed through a back office agent, who can update the ticket status in real time while field agents connect with customers on the field to resolve their queries. This will help to expedite your last mile ticket resolution and ensure customer delight.


Smart Collaboration with Team

When an agent needs any assistance to solve a customer query, she can check if other agents are available to help him and then she can internally call the specific agent to seek a resolution to a query. This real-time collaboration will enable faster intra-communication and much faster query resolution. Moreover, agents can collaborate with each other to proactively work on tickets that are even assigned to some other agent. Customer Service tool enables agents and supervisors to internally collaborate with one another through internal chat and Internal Collab App.




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Modernize Your Help Desk System With Omnichannel Ticketing


Omnichannel Support

Support your customers by enabling them to raise tickets from any channel they choose.


Helpdesk Automation

Automate ticketing operations to improve help desk agent productivity.



Let your customers resolve their issues at their own convenience with ease.

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