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Help Desk Software

Discover whether your business needs a Help desk software solution, and how the right solution can help enterprises
deliver delightful customer support.

What is a Help desk Software?

A help desk software is the the main ingredient of amazing customer support. Without which your customer support is not just incomplete but also, practically ineffective. 

With the right helpdesk ticketing system, businesses can streamline customer conversations across multiple channels into one place, keep track of all customer requests, and engage with them on the channel of their choice to answer all their customer support queries effectively.

Why Do You Need A Helpdesk System?


Manage Omni Channel Support Tickets with Ease

Enabling multi-channel ticket creation with a smart online ticketing software gives flexibility to customers to raise support tickets from any medium and saves agent’s time by providing them with a unified view of all interactions in a single window. 


Get the Best of Your Help Desk with Automated Operations

Automating operations helps to drive agent ownership and collaboration by simplifying processes for easy help desk management software. Right help desk support software lets you effortlessly create ticketing workflows  and rules to streamline ticket prioritization and distribution. 


Real-Time Reporting and Analytics for Better Management

Monitoring customer support team ensures agent productivity and alignment with the organizational goals. With the right customer Help Desk Software, the supervisor can see the live distribution count of tickets in real time along with agent availability. 

How Ameyo Helpdesk Software Helps Businesses

Take your Customer Support to a whole new level with Ameyo Help Desk solution

Automate Ticketing Actions

While managing helpdesk operations, use of Event and Time based rules can automate workflows for timely resolutions of tickets keeping the customer in the loop at each status change. Automated ticketing operations improve the helpdesk management by allowing the agents and supervisors to perform a set of activities on multiple tickets in one click. 

Maintain Conversation Context

Merge multiple customer interactions with the same context into one conversation with a service desk software. This helps to maintain the context of the conversation and assist the help desk agents to better understand the complete history by getting a single view of all the interactions across the helpdesk management software and improve the quality of customer support. 

Faster Omnichannel Customer Support

With customer help desk software, create help desk tickets for every interaction irrespective of the channel – voice, email, chat, social media.  With a smart helpdesk ticketing system, all the tickets created from different channels are in one place, and the agents can easily view all these interactions in a unified desktop, without the need to toggle between tabs.

Proactive Decisions With Live Monitoring

Help Center Software measure all the relevant helpdesk metrics such as ticket turn-around time, SLA breach time and average time to handle, with Ameyo’s live monitoring and dashboards tools. An online ticketing software empowers the managers to take informed and proactive decisions for better results.

Smart Ticket Prioritization

With customer service help desk software, supervisor can decide which helpdesk tickets should the agents first work on by automating ticket prioritization. At the same time, the agent can smartly sort the tickets based on the heat map value (based on configured parameters) and the sentiment analysis to know which tickets require immediate action.

Create Tickets for Unresolved Customer queries via

One Click Integration

Ameyo help desk system seamlessly integrates with all the major third-party CRMs and other systems such as lead management software (LMS) or marketing tools to provide two-way sync, enabling the agents to access and update customer information in real-time to improve the customer support process.

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“We wanted a flexible solution with customization as our organization progressed. Ameyo understood our business well and programmed the call flow and the telephony. I think it’s incredible.”

Sharmistha Majumdar

 General Manager, Customer Service – Spoton

Looking for the Best Help Desk Software for your Business?


With a helpdesk software the business can benefit in the following ways:

  • Improving customer support management
  • Automating their ticketing operations for all communication channels
  • Have contextual conversations using a single screen with all the relevant information
  • Take your customer support to the next level with self-service options
  • Have complete visibility of operations for real-time monitoring & reporting.

Sentiment analysis runs on the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and helps in evaluating the emotion in a conversation. This is particularly helpful for the customer service executives to gauge the mood of a customer and tweak their conversational tactics accordingly for higher customer satisfaction.

Ameyo Fusion CX, the all-in-one helpdesk ticketing system allows you to automate ticketing distribution along with prioritizing them based on pre-defined parameters. You can also set time and event based rules to trigger a series of actions based on a number of events or time elapsed since an event occurred.

Some of the must-have features for cloud help desk software are :

  • Omnichannel Support
  • Ticket Resolvers
  • 360-degree view of the customer
  • Self-Service Options
  • Knowledge Base
  • 24X7 Uptime

The supervisors can view and manage contact center operations via the app but not agents in customer service help center software .

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