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What is a Help desk Software?

A help desk software is the the main ingredient of amazing customer support. Without, which , your customer support is not just incomplete but also, practically ineffective. 

With the right help desk software, you can streamline conversations across channels into one place, keep track of all your customer requests, and engage with them on the channel of their choice to answer all their customer support effectively.

Why Do You Need A Help Desk Software?


Manage Omnichannel Tickets with ease

Automate multi-channel ticket creation to save agent time by providing them with a unified view of all the interactions in a single view.


Get the best of your Help Desk operations

Drive Agent ownership and collaboration for easy ticket management. Effortlessly create ticketing workflows  with a configurable rule engine and streamline ticket prioritization and distribution 


Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

The supervisor can see the live distribution count of tickets in real time along with agent availability. Monitor different campaigns along with the SLAs graph to ensure agent productivity and alignment with the organizational goals.

Check out All the Help Desk Software Features that Ameyo Offers

Take your Customer Support to a whole new level with Ameyo Help Desk solution

Automate Ticketing Actions

Use Event and Times based rules to set in motion automated workflows for timely resolutions of cases keeping the customer in the loop at each status change. Improve the ticket management by allowing the agents and supervisors to perform a set of operations on multiple tickets in one go. 


Maintain Conversation Context

Merge multiple interactions with the same context into one conversation to maintain the context of the conversation and help the agents to better understand the complete history by getting a single view of all the interactions and improve the quality of customer support.

Faster Omnichannel Customer Support

Create support tickets for every interaction irrespective of the channel – voice, email, chat, social media.  The agents can easily view all these interactions in a unified desktop, without the need to toggle between tabs.


Spontaneous Decisions With Live Monitoring

Measure all the relevant help desk metrics such as ticket turn-around time, SLA breach time and average time to handle, with Ameyo live monitoring and dashboards tools to empower the managers to take informed and spontaneous decisions.

Smart Ticket Prioritization

Let the supervisor decide which tickets should the agents first work on by automating ticket prioritization. At the same time, the agent can smartly sort the tickets based on the heat map value (based on configured parameters) and the sentiment analysis to know which tickets require immediate action.


Easy Integration with Different CRMs

Ameyo help desk software seamlessly integrates with all the major third-party CRMs and other systems such as lead management software (LMS) or marketing tools to provide two-way sync, enabling the agents to access and update customer information in real-time to improve the customer support process.


“We wanted a flexible solution with customization as our organization progressed. Ameyo understood our business well and programmed the call flow and the telephony. I think it’s incredible.”

Sharmistha Majumdar

 General Manager, Customer Service – Spoton

Evaluating a Help Desk Software for your Business?