Personalize Your Ticketing System With Easy Help Desk Customization


Customizing help desk software gives your customer support portal the look and feel of your brand and defines tailor-made workflows to extend the ease of operations. Different aspects of your helpdesk ticketing system can be personalized to ensure better user interface and support functionality. But the important question that arises here is how easily and quickly can you customize your help desk.
An effective ticketing system is the one where creating rules, managing workflows and roles comes handy for the customer support manager with a few clicks instead of going to the solution provider every time for each customization. Ease of help desk customization is an important parameter that businesses should consider during help desk ticketing system comparison before the final implementation. Customized helpdesk with integrated knowledge management system and self-service portal that looks like an extension of your brand adds to the overall customer service experience. Secondly, easy operational configurations make it convenient for service agents to address customer queries in a timely and efficient manner along with enhancing agent productivity.
Let’s explore how can you customize your ticketing system to achieve the dual goal of improving customer service experience and increasing agent productivity

Reinforce Brand Identity Across Chat Support

Ensure a smooth transitional experience for your customers when they move to chat support on your website by keeping the look and feel of your brand intact across chat forms. Help desk software that offers easily customizable elements like text styles and backdrop theme for chat forms can let customer support managers ensure a personalized experience in sync with their brand guidelines.

Track Every Query or Feedback via Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and  Twitter are increasingly becoming the preferred medium for customers to report their grievances for instant redressal from the brands. Businesses can address this situation with the help of a ticketing system that tracks customer queries and reviews by recording customer comments and replies to Facebook or Twitter posts as new tickets.

Personalize Email Support Communications

Businesses should never forget that there is always a human at the other end and should always strive to keep support communication as personalized as possible. One such step to ensure personalization is giving a human face to your brand by giving the service agent an option to configure individual email address and sender name to be used in email conversations. This would also help the customer to identify the point of contact thus preventing a broken service experience.

Manage SLA Better with Office Hours Configuration

Meeting the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is highly crucial for customer support and ensuring that SLA is not breached by the agents, is a necessary requirement for a ticketing system. A dynamic help desk software lets the customer support manager configure calendar hours as well as office hours within the customer support portal. This enables you to set the ticket resolution times based on the correct duration as per your operational hours for better customer escalation management.

Organize Ticket Visibility for Faster Resolution

With never-ending customer tickets, the usual workday of a customer support agent can be overwhelming. The key agent productivity lies in cutting the clutter and getting the agent dashboard organized with only tickets that are relevant to each individual agent. Intelligent helpdesk software allows the support admin to configure the tickets visibility to control which tickets are to be shown on an agent dashboard depending upon the queue, campaign or assigned owner. This  leads to more organized ticket management and faster resolution.
Help desk customization is essential to improve operational efficiency of your ticketing system while personalizing it in tandem with your brand to ensure consistent customer service experience. Ameyo FusionCX is a help desk software that provides easy and quick configurations to make your help desk your very own.