5 Key Benefits of Having a Help Desk Software in your Call Center


A help desk software can add value and help to increase productivity in a number of key areas in your call center. A call center is customer-centric. It is imperative that they provide excellent service to their customers. A help desk software integrated into a call center software will definitely help the agents to provide efficient service to the customers. An industry where customer satisfaction is of paramount value, a call center software solution with a robust help desk can be a real asset.
According to a recent survey conducted by the IT professionals of Software Advice, 84% of the companies with help desk software investment plans are looking to increase their spending based on the necessity for new functionality as their motivation to expand their present customer service solutions. This shows that the companies are realizing the advantages of providing excellent customer service with the help of the modern tools available in the market today.

Following are the benefits of integrating your call center solution with a help desk software.

#1. It helps the customers to keep a track of their service issues

A help desk software provides many benefits for the customers. The help desk is a common point-of-call that the customers can contact to report their issues. When a customer contacts a help desk to report an issue, a ticket is created, and the ticket number is provided to the customers for reference. A help desk software will help to keep a track of this ticket, till the customer’s issue is resolved. The ticket will be stored in the database. If the customer calls in the future with the same issue, then this ticket can be referred to provide a quick resolution. The number of tickets with the same issue will give an idea whether the customer’s issue is chronic. Identifying a chronic issue will help to give more attention and importance to the issue, and provide a permanent solution. Automated email correspondence by the help desk software will help to the customer to stay in the communication loop regarding their issues. Web self-service will help them to check on the progress being made as well.

#2. It helps to increase the efficiency of the helpdesk team

A help desk software helps the agents to properly, and efficiently log, analyze, and assist in the resolution of help desk issues. The central database allows all agents to monitor the progress of a customer ticket, as well as report on customer help desk history. Agents can use add-on tools like Priority Manager, to proactively manage timelines, accuracy, and structured workflows. A help desk software actually makes the job of an agent easy. When a customer calls in with an issue, they can immediately create a ticket, and log all the necessary information. If the ticket has to be escalated, they can do it with ease. They will be able to keep a track of the ticket as well.

#3. It helps the management to increase productivity

A large part of the daily running of a helpdesk is automated by the effective use of a help desk software. Automation is always good for the management because it means an effective and efficient service provided to the customers. It also means that their agents are assigned jobs, that they are using a structured workflow, and that they are required by the system to provide accurate and timely service. The software helps the managers to generate reports that highlights performance statistics, recurring client issues, and other numbers related to the day-to-day operations. It will help them to address issues, and make the process more efficient.

#4. It helps the company to increase productivity

A company’s capacity to respond to its customers needs is vital to its success. Help desk software helps an organization to operate on a timely basis, and effectively.  Helpdesk agents that do not have the necessary tools and information to resolve problems are ineffective. Managers will be able to manage effectively only if they have meaningful operational reports. A company that provides better tools for its employees, is in effect helping them to perform better, and thus helping the company to gain success.

#5. Other benefits in general

Ticket tracking systems guarantee that an entire team is kept in the loop when relevant data is updated and thus allows agents to provide more informed service to their customers. Self-service options allow customers to effectively manage their problems 24/7. It helps to lighten the workload of help desk agents. Reviewing metrics in a helpdesk dashboard helps the management to make more informed decisions, that will help to improve the efficiency of the help desk team.
A help desk software is a good investment for your call center. It will help to increase the overall efficiency of your helpdesk team. An efficient help desk team will be able to provide excellent customer service. If the customers are happy, that basically means more business for your company. There are a lot of help desk software available in the market today. You can choose one based on your business needs.