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Key Highlights of Ameyo Call Center Software



Effectively route calls to the right department based on caller input


Auto Dialer

Make outbound calling easy with an automated dialing system



Auto distribute your calls  to the best-suited agent via routing


Easy access to all the customer information for better conversion

Call Monitoring

Ensure high call quality by monitoring real-time calls

Reporting and Dashboards

Get better visibility and hold on every metric that matters

Call Recording

Recording every call and use these recordings to score your agents

Automation Rules

Improve the overall productivity  with automated workflows 

Call Center Software Solutions That Boost Agent Productivity

Empower your agents to perform faster call resolution with Ameyo Call Center Software. Enriched with advanced capabilities and features that enable your agents to save their time and increase their efficiency with automated operations and managing different tasks on a single interface, this call software can just be the right fit for all your customer support operations.

Unified Agent Desktop

Enable your agents to access all support queries, customer insights, and their interaction history on a single interface – Unified Agent Desktop. With UAD in place, your agents need not to switch between different screens to manage multi-channel interactions. This saves their time and reflects measurable efficiency increase.


AI-Powered Bots

Have personalized customer engagements with Ameyo Call Center Software powered by artificially intelligent bots. Perform seamless, two-way business to customer interactions using an interactive voice based conversational interface. Have communication at scale with the AI based bot using machine learning and natural language processing to self serve customers while having contextual conversations.

Integrated Knowledge Base

Empower agents to resolve customer queries faster with an integrated knowledge base. Let your agents get easy access to information that helps them solve a customer query in lesser time. The knowledge base can be customized to populate common questions that your customers ask, some product-related articles, or anything that can help your agents to deliver informed answers. 


Team Collaboration Capabilities

Your agents need assistance at times to resolve a customer query, they might want to have managers’ guidance or another agent’s advice. Ameyo offers team collaboration capabilities that help your agents to cater to customer queries by chatting with a teammate or supervisor while having an interaction with the customer. Supervisors can also broadcast an announcement using this feature.

Mobile Agent Capabilities

Ameyo offers business continuity solutions to let your agents work remotely with their mobile phones. Ameyo Mobile Agent Application is a complete contact center solution that empowers your agents with- auto dialers to automate your outbound calling, WebRTC for enhanced voice quality, and CTI integration to access all the customer information. Also, it offers agent self-tracking for routine tasks  such as number of calls handled and number of breaks taken.


Single View of Customer

Never lose context of a conversation with Ameyo’s Omnichannel Call Center. Identify your prospects and customers’ most preferred channel of communication and  to any interaction using email, chat, call with a single click. Easily filter missed interactions, push and pull customer data from CRM or other third party system to ensure faster resolution time.

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Call Center Management Software That Promises Robust Quality Monitoring

A Call Center Management Software incorporates a variety of monitoring controls that empower call center managers and supervisors to keep a track of overall operations and productivity. Ameyo Call Center Software brings the ability to track and measure every customer service interaction via call recordings, and live call monitoring. This quality monitoring leads to informed business decisions and improved strategies.

Call Monitoring

Ameyo allows you to easily monitor agents’ performance to ensure that quality standards are maintained. Ameyo call center management software offers real-time call monitoring with capabilities like snoop, barge, whisper, as well as force logout an agent and taking the control of a live call. This ensures data-driven feedback from managers and leads to enhanced customer experience. 

Call Scoring

Evaluate your agents’ performance and ensure that your pre-configured quality parameters are maintained with Call Scoring Capabilities. Ameyo call center software enables you to smartly filter through call details with a color-coded bifurcation of scored and unscored calls. Managers can extract agent scorecards as reports to keep a track of agent performance and provide well-informed feedback to the agents. 


Call Recording

Ameyo Call Recording feature allows you to keep a log of call history records in Voice Logger  for a period of 6 months which can also be archived for several years. It lets you quickly search through your voice records while enabling you to listen to call recordings with a single click player. 

Performance Reporting

Ameyo offers performance reporting with a comprehensive view of business-specific operational metrics, as well as call parameters and service-level agreement statistics. It shows a variety of metrics- lead penetration, number of inbound calls handled, number of customers waiting at ACD, average call duration and other important call center metrics. Graphical presentation of all these metrics are available on dashboards and can also be fetched and scheduled as reports in different formats- HTML, PDF, XLS, and CSV.



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Inbound Call Center Software: Features and Capabilities

Ameyo Inbound Call Center Software enhances your customer service operations, helps you increase overall productivity, and achieve maximum performance outcomes.


Transform your customer support with Ameyo’s Inbound Call Center Software that lets you customize your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software. Ameyo IVR Software offers multi-level IVR that enables you to seamlessly route your customers to the right agent via customizable call flow mechanisms.


Automatic Call Distributor(ACD)

Intelligently route your calls to the best suited department and agent with Ameyo’s Inbound Call Center Software with advanced ACD System. It lets you incorporate a variety of intelligent routing rules such as Skill-Based Routing, Preferred Agent Routing, and Behavioural Pattern-Based Routing.


With the right inbound call center solution in place, your agents can get a complete view of call history of the customers. CTI or computer telephony integration makes it easier for your agents to get the contextual information of the interactions or customer queries coming in. Ameyo very well integrates with enterprise-grade CRMs- Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zoho, MS Dynamics, and more.

Outbound Call Center Software: Features and Capabilities

Manage your outbound call center operations with advanced features of an outbound call center software. Enable your agents to maximize their productivity by automating workflows and experience a positive impact on your lead conversion.

Auto Dialer

Improve your call center productivity with a dramatic increase in call connect rate. Ameyo Auto Dialers enable you to optimize your outbound calling process by reducing average call handling time of agents and increasing the number of connected calls. Choose from Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Progressive Dialer to accelerate operational efficiency while reducing call drop rate.

Voice Blaster

Voice Blaster, broadcast dialing, or Voice Blaster is a mass communication technique that allows businesses to send massive phone calls instantly and simultaneously. With features like customizable IVR, intelligent call routing, and Predictive dialers, it empowers you to cut operational costs while improving the overall efficiency. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

About Contact Center Software

A Call Center Software is a powerful tool that allows businesses to communicate with their customers and vice-versa. Call Center Software Solutions incorporate some essential features such as Auto Dialers, IVR System, Smart Routing, and CTI to automated operations and make call center agents life easier.

A Call Center Software can be an inbound call center software or an outbound call center software according to the business requirements. Whenever an inbound customer query comes in, the software routes it to the best suited agent via IVR and ACD routing. An outbound call center software, on the contrary, automatically dials out a huge customer list and patch the customers with right agents

Call Centers use Inbound, Outbound, or Blended Call Center Software according to their specific business requirements. Telesales Call Centers use outbound call center software, customer service call centers use inbound call centers, while some call centers that work either ways use blended call center software.

You should look for features that minimize your operations efforts and costs. Features like Unified Agent Desktop and AI-Powered Customer Insights that boost agents’ productivity and tools like Call Quality Monitoring, and Agent Performance Reporting are essential to keep a track on overall productivity. 

The cost of a Call Center Software varies depending upon various factors- features and deployment method. If you want to have an on-premise call center software, it would cost you more as the hardware costs are added while a cloud call center software will be lower in cost. Other than this, as you go through the advanced features, the cost adds up.