Complete Call Center Software Guide For Your Business

A Complete Guide to

Call Center Software

Dive into every aspect of a modern call center software to choose the best software for your business

Introduction to

Modern Call Center Software

Customer Acquisition is important for every business, and for this, connecting to potential prospects is what we all have on the top of our minds.
But what after you acquire new prospects?
Customer Retention

Customer retention is even more crucial for any business to scale new heights. However, it is not as easy as it sounds!

Businesses are utilizing the significant virtues of telemarketing and seamless customer service processes to aware, engage, and retain potential customers. Let’s see how you can too win your customers, exceptionally!
One of the most common requirements of every business is to set up a simple call center where they can have dedicated agents to make and receive calls.
With the evolution of technology in the last decade, call center software has transformed into contact center software, capable of catering to clients through different interaction channels- Voice, Email, Chat, and Social Media.
In this guide, we will keep our discussion specific to call center software solutions and help you to choose the best call center software that fits in your business requirements.

What is the purpose of your business and why do you need a call center software?

You are reading this guide because you want to set up a call center for your business, but are you clear on the purpose? Okay, let’s go with all possible questions to make the purpose clear.
  • How does your business interact with customers- Receive Customer Queries or Call Prospects?
  • What is your average call volume?
  • What agent performance metrics would you want to monitor?
  • What is your budget?
  • What would be your preferred deployment- On-Premise or Cloud Call Center Software?
Now that you have a clear picture of your purpose, let’s see two different scenarios- Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Center.

Inbound Call Center Software: Customer Service

A place for customers to reachout businesses via voice & digital channels for after sales queries related to products and services of a business. It is called an Inbound Call Center.

Outbound Call Center Software: Sales and Telemarketing​

A place where businesses have dedicated agents calling potential prospects in order to sell, upsell, or cross-sell their products and services. It is called an Outbound Call Center.

Inbound Call Center Software Features

Create a robust inbound call center using Ameyo’s advanced inbound call center software features. Crafted for the modern Call Center Agent.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response is a must-have for modern call centers. Right from a welcome greeting to self-service capabilities, an IVR is a true survivor when it comes to agent productivity under high call volume. Explore more >>

Call Routing

Your customers are different- in the languages they speak, in the behavior patterns, and in the transactional patterns. So the point of incorporating intelligent routing algorithms is to route customers to the right agents. Explore more >>

API Integration

A CRM or helpdesk software is important for customer care centers to get all customer data and queries in one place. You can integrate this CRM with your telephony counterpart to empower your agents to manage and call customers via a single window. Explore more >>

Call Monitoring

Some call center automation software empower agents with Self Monitoring feature as well as supervisors with Call Monitoring feature that includes snooping, barging, and whispering during the live calls in order to maintain the standards of call quality. Explore more >>

Reporting and Analytics

Precise reporting and accurate analytics is the main front requirement of a call center and this is quite often the major painstaking element for call center software providers. Explore more >>

Outbound Call Center Software Features

When it comes to sales and telemarketing, outbound call center software should incorporate some important features. Check out what all ‘must haves’ you should consider for your call center software solution.

Auto Dialer

Businesses are heading towards smart dialers that work seamlessly on intelligent dialing strategies. Auto dialers (call center calling software) can help you with Filter-Based Calling to filter your calling list based on geography, targeted group of prospects’, and other factors. Explore more >>

IVR Blaster

Voice Blaster, broadcast dialing, or IVR blaster is a mass communication technique that allows businesses to send massive phone calls instantly and simultaneously. With technologies like IVR, call routing software, and predictive dialers, it empowers call centers to cut costs while also improving calling experiences. Explore more >>

Reporting and Analytics

Supervisors and managers like to keep track of agents’ live performance based on call summary, customer and call details, important or missed event notifications. It calls for a comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities of the call center. Explore more >>

Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring provides you with call recordings that may help your supervisors and managers to listen to the recorded conversations between agents and customers and help the agents to improvise the conversation and overall process. Explore more >>

API Integration

A good CRM or helpdesk software is a major requirement of growing customer care centers to be able to get all customer data and queries in one place without needing to switch betweenmultiple windows. Explore more >>

Which one should you go for

On-Premise or Cloud Call Center Software?

How would you choose between on-premise and cloud-based call center software?
Well, this dilemma is quite prevalent and most businesses are found stumped when asked this question.
There are certainly some factors and parameters that need to be considered and we’re here to take you straightway to a fair differentiation between the two in order to enable you to choose the best fit for your business, scroll it down!

On-Premise Call Center Software

An on-premise call center software indicates that your call center’s communication hardware, software, and infrastructure are physically deployed within your business premises.

In this configuration, the dedicated communication servers can be PBX or IP PBX. Your IT team is responsible for taking care of installation, maintenance, and upkeep of the hardware involved, from servers to headsets and integration support, everything is controlled by the business internally.

So if you have that IT team with you, choose the On-premise Call software!


Cloud Call Center Software

Cloud call center software is hosted in the cloud by your software service provider. You may access the service through an app installed on your computer or mobile.

This configuration depends on internet access with sufficient bandwidth to comfortably accommodate all users. Your call center’s data is hosted on the cloud, and the corresponding servers either belong to the service provider, or to a third party involved.

On-Premise vs Cloud-Based Call Center Software

An on-premise call center software indicates that your call center’s communication hardware, software, and infrastructure are physically deployed within your business premises.

In this configuration, the dedicated communication servers can be PBX or IP PBX. Your IT team is responsible for taking care of installation, maintenance, and upkeep of the hardware involved, from servers to headsets and integration support, everything is controlled by the business internally.
So if you have that IT team with you, choose the On-premise software!

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Call Center Software for Businesses

Call Center Software for Healthcare

Healthcare call center software improves patient experience and staff efficiency by using advanced calling capabilities. It puts the patient first by providing interactions over advanced voice channels.

By adhering to mandatory compliance regulations, hospitals and healthcare systems can utilize an innovative and easy-to-use blended call center software for hassle-free patient-hospital interactions- patient queries or appointments.

Major benefits can be recognized as:
  • Improve Patient Experience
  • Securely Maintain Patient Records
  • Faster Complaint Redressal
  • Post Discharge Engagement

Parkway Health Laboratory Services

Learn how Parkway Health Laboratory Services delivered delightful patient experience with robust inbound-outbound call management system

Call Center Software for Telecom

With millions of mobile phone users, it has now become more crucial for telecom companies to offer unremitting quality services to their customers, than ever before!
To stay ahead of the competition, companies are trying to maintain a constant connection with their customers and potential prospects. Here comes into the picture, the modern call center software for telecom industry that empowers the service providers to be able to better engage with the prospects and eventually turn them into loyal customers.
Major benefits can be recognized as:
  • Consistent Connection with Customers
  • Lowered Operational Cost
  • Improved Agent Productivity
  • Hassle-Free Operations

Telekom Malaysia

Learn how Telekom Malaysia boosted its business operations across the globe

Call Center Software for Ecommerce

Call center solution for eCommerce businesses is just so vital! In order to upkeep the effective and efficient customer engagement and experience, call center software is undoubtedly an important aspect of an eCommerce business.

E-commerce industry delivers exceptional customer service by providing superior service levels. A flexible and cost-effective technology solution that enables you to provide proactive customer service by automating your service delivery processes and day-to-day operations.

So if you run an eCommerce platform and want to turn it into an absolutely profitable venture, an automated calling software for call center is certainly going to be your true mate!

Major benefits can be recognized as:
  • Seamless Customer Experience
  • Increased Agents’ Efficiency
  • Build Personal Touch with Customers
  • Hassle-Free Self-Service


As a leading player in the domain of e-commerce business, Myntra is expanding its customer base rapidly.

Call Center Software for Banking and Finance Sector

Banking and finance sector holds a huge customer and prospect database. In order to ensure smooth customer interaction, banking and finance industry requires a strong call center software that is capable of handling all customer interactions, segregated them based on different factors, keeps track of agents’ performance, as well as maintains the historic data for record and reference purposes.
Call center software with automated dialing, recording, and monitoring capabilities proves out to be the right solution for this industry and unsurprisingly, most companies have already opted or are planning to opt call center software for banking and finance industry!
Major benefits can be recognized as:
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Increased Agents’ Efficiency
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Improved RoI

Jordan Ahli Bank

Jordan Ahli Bank, a leading financial service provider based in Jordan, wanted to reach new heights in their customer initiatives and innovations to deliver superior customer experience.

Call Center Software for Small and Medium Businesses (SME)

Just because a business is just starting off, does not mean they do not require a call center. Small businesses do not have a lot of people, they are usually working on a bootstrap business model. But customers expect a quick response for every query and a call center software will just empower you to do that. Whether the company outsources the call center operations or keep them in-house, the fact remains that with a robust call center in place, handling customer interactions (inbound or outbound) becomes seamless.
Major benefits can be recognized as:
  • Managed Leads
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Automated Tasks and Actions
  • Improved CSAT and Sales

INAYA Facilities Management Services

INAYA Facilities Management Services, UAE offers integrated facilities management, technical operations and maintenance, soft services, and sustainability development.

Call Center Software for Enterprises

For an enterprise, delivering a delightful customer experience has become more of a hygiene factor. They require a solution that takes care of all the possible interactions to engage and serve their customers consistently with scalable CSAT. A calling software that caters to inbound, outbound, as well as blended campaigns is a strategic part of enterprises.

Major benefits can be recognized as:
  • Highly Managed Leads
  • Improved Agent Productivity
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Improved ROI

Bankbazaar is an online marketplace for financial products in India, where one can instantly get free and customized interest rate quotes for personal..

I hope this guide answers all your dilemmas about call center software!

A Complete Guide On

How to set up your own call center

Check out what all you should know before your set up a call center

Frequently Asked Questions

For small businesses, answering customer calls can be burdensome, especially while trying to keep day-to-day operations running. Choosing the best calling software for their specific business, thus, becomes their top priority. Here’re some must-haves that ought to be considered before opting out for a call center software:

  • Customizable IVRs
  • Blended Campaign Management
  • Click-to-Call Functionality
  • Auto Dialer
  • Automatic Call Distributor
  • Find more features here

Well, many businesses choose to setup their own call center instead of outsourcing their customer support and telemarketing processes. Here’s a complete guide for you to find out how you too can set up your call center without any hassles!

Cloud call center software is considered to be better than on-premise by some businesses for its outreached flexibility, reliability, and security features. Additionally, cloud allows you to invest more time in your business by eradicating the hassles of maintaining and updating systems.

Ameyo call center software offers some advanced features that include unified agent desktop, workbench functionality for supervisors and managers, lite tickets, and the list goes on. Also, having our bucket constantly filled up with trustworthy brands such as Zomato, Myntra, Ola Cabs, and a lot more gives us immense confidence of coming up with newer advancements in our products.