How to setup a Call Center

How to set up a call center?

Embracing the why’s and how’s of a call center setup
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Starting out a call center?

Here’s everything you should know!

Globally, 54% of all consumers say that they have higher customer service expectations than they did just one year ago.
With increasing call center business opportunities, small to mid-sized businesses as well as enterprises from distinctive industries are opting out for call center software as one of the major objectives on their success roadmap.
If you’ve overlooked this miraculous aspect in your long-term business plans and strategies, don’t worry, you’ve landed up on the right page!

Let’s have a clear picture before we start

Though the market is flooded with super-smart call center software solutions that can get your in-house call center up and running in minutes, before you bump into ‘how to set up a call center’, here are some quick questions about your business.
  • Why does your business need a call center setup?
    Call centers are meant to support one or more business objectives so before you go for a call center setup, make sure you have a clear understanding of them. Say, your business goal is to increase customer engagement and retention, deploying a call center technology makes an absolute sense.
  • What is your business operations process?
    Figure out if your business operations reflect an utter need for a call center. Well, if you really think that to ensure unremitting customer engagement and customer experience, a call center is required, then just go for it!
  • What is your call volume?
    Is your call volume growing every day? Do you require more customer care agents now to handle these calls? If your answer to both of these questions is ‘Yes’, we recommend you to definitely opt for a call center management software to keep the process smooth and stringently tracked. Your PBX system would probably not be enough to handle this increased call volume, but a good call center solution certainly is!
  • What is your business industry?
    How much your business should invest in contact center software, depends on the nature of your business- you can either outsource the whole operation or build up an in-house contact center. If you have started running a product-based company, you may certainly end up needing a call center.

Use Cases for Call Centers

Telemarketing and Customer Service

Businesses often use a for endorsing their products or services via telemarketing or for delivering a consistent customer experience via customer service. Achieving a decent customer acquisition and retention rate holds the utmost importance in an emergent business’s goal list. Thus, apprising both of these scenarios is important here.

Case 1

Call Center Solution for Telemarketing

  • Telemarketing or telesales agents need to make calls for sales, appointments, and other marketing purposes in order to endorse their products and services. In case the call volume is increasing, your call center needs to have an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system and call recording capability incorporated. You may also outsource the process
  • Telemarketing requires an outbound calling system like ‘Predictive Dialer’ or ‘Auto Dialer’ that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers. This list can be in an excel sheet or a CRM, depending on the data size.
  • Predictive dialing based call center solution increases productive contacts, improves agents’ efficiency, and augments sales via robust features, such as CRM integration, call recording, real-time monitoring, and real-time business intelligence.
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How to set up a call center for telemarketing

In order to perform to the best of its ability, your call center needs to embrace the right tools. Here’s the list.
Phone Solution
To set up a call center for telemarketing purpose, you’ll need a resilient phone system (preferably with an auto dialing or predictive dialing functionality to determine the appropriate time to call). To pick the right phone system, decide on whether you want an onsite or a virtual solution, consider your team size, internet connection strength, and your potential for expansion.
Alternative Channels
Get acquainted with your customers. If they prefer any other channel to interact, your contact center software needs to have a multi-channel strategy. It is always better to know your customers’ demographics and their favorite channels where they spend the most time to let them know about your products and services. To be able to stay on the top of your customer’s expectations, consistent customer experience across the board is important.
Agent Productivity Monitoring Software
Keeping a stringent track on your agents’ performance and productivity, you need a monitoring feature in your call center software which allows you to record the calls and measure the key metrics to measure your agents’ productivity. It allows you to see certain important parameters that assist you to measure their performance.
CRM Solution
Structuring your customer interactions in CRM software is vital when you set up your contact center. It assists you to streamline your sales process so pick a CRM solution which blends well with your objectives.

Case 2

Inbound Call Center for Customer Service

  • Customer service agents contact customers to follow up on a service issue or to notify customers of new products or offers. In case the call volume is increasing, your call center needs to have IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to save you the time and efforts of your agents. In addition, it may have different routing algorithms (skill-based, persona- based, etc.), call record and monitor capability, DID numbers, and missed call management feature.
  • Ticket status monitoring and agent productivity monitoring are two important aspects of inbound call centers for customer service. Make sure that your chosen call center solution is fitting up with these capabilities.
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How to set up a call center for customer service

Much similar to the ones discussed in the telemarketing section, an inbound call center set up should also incorporate some robust tools and technologies. Let’s dive in to see how these tools are used for customer service purpose.
Business Phone System
Business Phone System
To set up a call center for customer service purpose, a business phone system centered on your requirements for an onsite or a virtual solution. Like for telemarketing, you should consider your team size and internet connection strength before you go ahead. Make sure that your phone solution is scalable, easy to implement, and well-fitted with your desired features.
Interaction Channels
Interaction Channels
You should know your customers and their preferences beforehand. Make sure you are available to serve them on their preferred channels. These channels may include social media platforms, live chat platforms, and of course, voice channels. For this, your contact center software needs to have a multi-channel strategy incorporated.
Performance Measurement Software
Performance Measurement Software
In order to track your agents’ performance, you need recording & monitoring feature in your call center software. This feature will assist you in the precise monitoring of your agents’ productivity and deliverability.
CRM Solution
When you set up a call center, storing your customers’ information and other data in a well-structured form is important. To keep your customer service process smooth and in place, you should figure out various factors to choose the best CRM solution for your business.
Now when you know the basic in-outs of a call center set up for telemarketing and customer service, it is your time to set up a call center!
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