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Get the best features of contact center solutions to manage your customer interactions in a unified manner across channels

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Omnichannel Conversations

Manage Omnichannel Interactions Effortlessly with One-stop Contact Center Solution to Chat, Talk and Email


Respond faster to emails via automatically generated interactions and delight your customers with quick response.


Manage inbound and outbound contact center processes to make each interaction count. Get contextual data of each conversation with live recording.


Use Web Chat, In-App Chat, and Chat Messenger to initiate and receive interactions from your customers.


Smart contact center solutions help to connect with your customers on social media platforms and be responsive to each interaction personally.

Single View of Customer

Track customer journey with single customer view and equip your agents to fetch customer information with one click.

Automate Contact Center Operations

Let your Contact center solution Intelligently Automate Operations to Sustain Continuous Conversations Across Channels

Conversation Resolver

Append the multiple interactions into a single related conversation to avoid losing the context and see a bigger picture of the end-to-end customer journey.

Omni Routing

Direct incoming interactions via multiple channels to the right contact center agent at the right time using business rules to facilitate a faster response.

Automation Rules

Create rules to automate actions based on events and time-based triggers to save time and improve customer engagement by automating the next best action.

Customer Journey

Map Customer Journey Across Touchpoints with a Smart Contact Center Software Regardless of Channel

Map Conversation Journey

Get a complete view of your customer’s conversation journey across channels and preserve the context of interactions throughout the conversation.

Customer’s Preferred Channel

Remove barriers of different media and reply to your customers on their preferred channels. Maintain a contextual flow in each conversation, thus allowing agents to provide a quick response.

Universal Agent

Manage multiple conversation in single instance. Universal agent can handle different conversations at one time. Ameyo contact center software solution lets you manage resources optimally.

Merge Interactions to Preserve Context

Unify multiple interactions into one conversation while maintaining the context of customer query.

Reporting and Dashboards

Monitor, Schedule, and Report All Your Omnichannel Contact Center Interactions Intuitively

Channel Reporting

With Ameyo’s contact center software solution, get reports for all the channels – voice, email, social media or chat

Agent Effectiveness

Know how productive your contact agents are by monitoring their performance on relevant metrics

Live Monitoring

Real-time monitoring on process level to get details about the source, current activity or state

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Weave the complete customer engagement strategy

Improve your customer service operations with contact center solutions that cover all your outbound and inbound contact center needs.

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