Standing True On Your Customer's Expectations From Your Call Center


Call centers can play a significant role in the development of a company’s reputation. The attitude of the call center executives towards customers enable them to predict the quality of service that would be offered to them by the company. No business can compromise on customer satisfaction in today’s age.

However, businesses often fail in understanding that the most important step towards meeting customer expectations is improved customer engagement. Several times customers will feel let down by a call center service because of poor engagement issues. The article lists out some guidelines as to how you can stand true on your customer’s expectations from your call center.

  1. Work on enhanced recruitment and training of agents

An excellent way to better the quality of your call center performance is to focus on customer service. With training and skill development, your call center agents will slowly become more efficient and acquire complete knowledge about the role they have been hired for. When you have a reliable team of agents in place, it will help improve the first-call explanation, reduce the average time for call handling and enhance the overall quality of the call center.

  1. Consistency in assistance

When providing customer service, call centers must ensure that they are available to the customers round the clock. A problem can arise at any point of time and the call center agents should be prepared to offer assistance, whatever the situation. For instance, a customer might require urgent assistance sometime late in the night. It is an opportunity for your call center to meet and even exceed your customers’ expectations by being there for them.

  1. Taking responsibility for the problem

Often, it is noticed that customer’s calls are passed to different agents in a call center without offering any solution for their problem. The customer ends up feeling frustrated and also loses precious time in the process. It could be damaging to the reputation of the call center. So how can you exceed the expectations of your customers in this matter? By training your call center agents to stop the buck-passing and take responsibility for the problem.

For instance, a call center agent, called Nick Middleton, took on the ownership of an issue related to an electrical device guarantee. He personally ensured the problem was properly addressed and impressed the distressed customer with his professionalism.

  1. Follow up with the customers

It is important for call centers to understand that even after the resolution of a problem, the customer service executive has the opportunity to exceed the expectations of the customer by doing a follow-up. A quick call to make sure that the service or product is working to the satisfaction of the customer could prove to the customer that the company has registered their problem and will be cautious to avoid such scenarios in the future. Be there to hear out the problems of your customers and offer them assurance.

  1. Greater first-contact resolution

To exceed the expectation of your call center customers, the quality representatives need to focus on first-contact resolution. Customers need to be offered better solutions for their problems. Call center managers must analyze the efficiency of their existing processes and how they provide customers with first-contact resolution. For effective first-contact resolution, the call center can utilize automation technologies. It is the responsibility of the managers to undertake regular monitoring of customer requests. Tracking progress on a routine basis will also help improve the quality of services and enhance customer satisfaction.

  1. Forego the script

We all know that scripted calls have the tendency of sounding robotic. You might end up reducing true customer engagement that comes alive in an actual conversation. Educate your call center executives about replacing jargon with concise and clear language. It is crucial to be more human when interacting with customers. Make it a pleasant and memorable conversation for your customer rather than a dry, routine call center call. Call them up to inform them if an issue has been successfully resolved before time. Focus on building friendly relationships with your customers.

  1. Reflect

Call center executives must have regular discussions with colleagues as it could help them identify their weaknesses and strengths. The exchange of knowledge and skills makes the entire team stronger. Your call center can effectively meet customer expectations when agents interact among themselves and share experiences of handling customer problems. They might discover more effective ways of communication and this will eventually raise the service standard of your call center.

  1. External benchmarking

Internal analysis and monitoring make it compulsory to compare the performance level of your call center with competitors. These are more illusory and abstract assessments. It is better to opt for external benchmarking to gauge a true performance picture.