What is a Help desk Ticketing System and Why is it Important?


Organizations work hard towards maintaining their bottom line. Since the time organizations have started understanding the what and how of customer experience, they have been promoting a customer-centric culture. Simply put, customer-centricity refers to putting the customer at the center of what you do. Even, Gartner has declared Customer Experience as the new battlefield. Acknowledging the need to improve customer support and satisfaction is not enough. The organizations need to put in place the right measures to achieve the goals of delighting their customers. One of the most important ways of doing that is by having a Helpdesk Ticketing System.

What is a Help desk Software?

It goes by many names – help desk, customer support desk, or service desk software. But, by definition, a help desk support system enables the companies to resolve customer issues efficiently by simply automating complaint resolution process with ticket management. The lines can sometimes be blurred between a help desk management system or IT service management. But, the help desk is primarily focused on managing customer concerns whereas, IT service management caters to the needs of the internal functioning as well.

Now that we have established what a Help desk software is, let us move onto why it is important for an organization to buy an efficient help desk software solution.

Importance of Help desk Management System (HMS)

There can be threefold advantages of having a help desk software solution – for customers, agents, and the business.

#1 Customer Satisfaction

  • Faster Ticket Resolution: The customers do not care about what is happening within the organization. They are only concerned about their own concerns. Thus, having a help desk solution enables the agents to resolve the tickets faster. The agents can also get access to a repository of FAQs to answer the customer query faster to improve satisfaction.
  • Keeping the Customer in the Know: Customers like to know what is happening with their query. With a help desk software, sending out regular updates on the status of the customer’s request becomes easier. The customers will be kept in the loop throughout the life cycle of the ticket and not just when it is resolved.
  • Multi-channel Customer Support: Customers like to connect with the support team through the channel of their preference. An omni-channel ticket management system enables just that. The customers get the freedom to raise a complaint from any medium – voice, email, social media, etc. The HMS empowers the agents to create tickets irrespective of the channel through which it hits the CRM.

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#2 Agent Productivity

  • Automating Ticket Creation: Creating tickets takes up most of an agent’s time. But, this can be avoided. Especially, in case of mundane queries. The agent does not need to create a ticket manually, rather a ticket is created every time the customer contacts for the same or different issue. Thus, allowing the agent to focus on solving the problem at hand and not waste time on creating a new ticket every time.
  • Unified Agent Interface: Save time and improve agent efficiency by saving on the “number of clicks” the agent has to make to get customer information or to get a task done. With a unified desktop, the agents can have a single view of the customer details – personal information, interaction history, etc.
  • Knowledge Base: Creating a repository or a knowledge base to help the agents answer mundane as well as exceptional customer queries. In case of exceptional queries, the agent who solves it can record and store their approach for others to refer when in a similar situation.

#3 Business Benefits

  • Monitoring and Reporting: Enabling the supervisor to monitor the functioning of the contact center with real time dashboards and detailed reports. The real-time data helps the supervisor to take informed decisions about resource allocation to ensure agent satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Keeping track of the SLAs help in making sure that they are not breached. With a help desk management software in place, the managers are not only able to set the SLAs but move things up in case of a priority case.
  • Ticket Prioritization: The supervisor can set the rules about prioritizing certain tickets or allow the agents to do so. This is particularly helpful in case of High Net Income customers or in case of tickets where the interaction history with the particular customer has been less than satisfactory.
  • Streamline Operations: With an all-in-one help desk management system with CRM, the organization can ensure seamless functioning. Be it ticket creation, assignment, merging tickets or editing the customer information, the agent can do it easily. With this, the organization can get rid of the problem of silos. Hence, no more disjointed conversations and better customer satisfaction.

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Now that we are aware as to what exactly is customer service help desk, we can better appreciate its benefits for not just the customers but organizations too. Having an all-inclusive ticket management system is the need of the hour. If a brand wants to delight it’s customers at every touch point, they need to have a ticket management system that helps them to offer an omni-channel customer support. After all, an excellent customer experience starts with an excellent help desk.

Shambhavi Sinha

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