Reports and Dashboard

Reports & Dashboard

Track and Monitor real-time data through Call Center Reporting & Analytics tools

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Real Time Agent Monitoring

Record your agent’s activity with call center reporting software and analyze the performance based on KPIs specific to your needs.


Call Summary Dashlet

Set a duration and get a hold of a number of calls placed/received in that time. Track the total number of calls connected in a campaign and availability of the agent in a queue in that time. Supervisors can monitor the auto call on/off button and it’s duration for each individual agent. Perceive call flow in the campaign and alert agents about call disposition.

Agent Summary Dashlet

Understand the productivity of agents by analyzing the number of agents logged in the campaign, their availability and break time. It has become easy to quickly check the number of agents who have put a call on hold and the number of agents who are wrapping the call. With this data, the supervisor can assign the calls to best available agents in the queue and monitor their productivity with average handling time and conversion rate.

Customer Summary Dashlet

Check the status of customers in a campaign by analyzing the total number of customers calling or being called in that campaign. Monitor the status of customers who are queued, initialized to or connected within that duration. Supervisors can track the number of customers waiting in ACD or IVR in an inbound campaign. Take necessitated actions on the basis of call drop ratio and call abandoned ratio.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Use best call center software to get access to comprehensive call center reporting metrics and customize it on the basis of your specific needs. Analyze the activities in any queue or campaign wherein you can supervise the SLA breach/achieve, agent’s availability, dialing interval and auto call on/off interval. Agents and supervisors will be notified prior to threshold breaches in call duration, after call work (ACW), and hold time with separate color coding customizations to manage the breaches level. Get a customized report of queues of all inbound or transferred to campaign calls that have reached the ACD for each time interval. Supervisors can add the metrics that are important to their business proposition. 

Bird’s Eye View

Supervise real-time activities in your contact center with a single scroll in Ameyo’s Bird’s Eye View Application. Set different campaigns and analyze call volume, average call duration, average wait time and abandoned call ratio. Get an overview of Queue Call Distribution in a single glance without having to log into your system every time. Supervisors can keep a track of call center reporting metrics in their mobile phones and carry valuable data anywhere they go. Get notified of SLA or abandoned rate with Push Notification. Supervisors can also configure the parameters they want to be notified with on their screen.



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Quality Monitoring

Manage Workflow and Analyze Agent’s Productivity with quality monitoring tools

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