AI-powered Voice Bot to reduce operational costs 

  • Human-like Conversations, in English , Hindi and all  major Indian vernacular languages
  • Deeper CRM Integrations through API’s
  • Smooth conversation without any break during entire conversations
  • Scaling up or down on demand with no fixed cost
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    What is Voicebot?

    A voicebot is a conversational software that addresses voice calls using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Along with IVR navigation, voicebots can answer customer queries by interpreting the intent and meaning in the speech/voice of its conversational partner. In other words, it a voice-based version of chatbot, which entertains text messages.

    Digital transformation and automation of call processes with Voicebot

    Reduce operational costs 

    • Automate routine processes and tasks to save time & costs. One aspect is making Contact Center 24x7x365 - Customer experience, cost saving could be more than 40-50%. Save expenses on customer support agents by switching conversations to Voicebot
    • Process a vast amount of data for lead qualification and improve productivity of your sales team

    Provide awesome customer experience

    • Reduce wait time and increase first call resolution by directly resolving the customer queries from the Voicebot
    • Using technology like NLP, a Voicebot understands user’s intent and give a contextual response
    • Gather insights about customer behaviour and improve the quality of the interaction between the brand and its customers

    Scalability and 24*7 availability

    • Can handle millions of conversations simultaneously, all to the same high standard with Voicebot
    • Spikes in the volume of calls can be handled efficiently without having to worry about infrastructure update or hiring new agents
    • Ability to understand multiple languages and customer’s intents and reply accordingly

    What processes can be optimized using Voice Bots

    automate inbound with voicebot

    Inbound Call Automation

    • Enhanced Self-Serve customer queries that saves your agents time and allows them to take up other important queries
    • Ameyo’s voice bot to take care of routine customer queries with option of transferring complex calls to the live agents with the context
    • Hassle-free appointment scheduling and confirmation without any intervention of the agents
    automate outbound with AI voicebot solutions

    Outbound Call Automation

    • Two way interaction – welcome call, reminders, service calls, confirmation call, feedbacks, Lead qualification calls, and renewal calls
    • Complement Strategic debt collection with intelligent outbound dialing, enhancing customer coverage, and improve Promise to Pay Ratio. 
    • A snapshot of the customer coverage represents lead penetration by depicting uploaded leads versus the dialed leads.

    Enhance your Customer Experience with Ameyo's AI-powered Voice Bot

    Voice Bot: From Collections to Digital Sales


    Collections for Financial services (Banking & insurance)

    • Automate a few tasks of the existing collection process by creating custom call flows.  Make data-driven decisions with the humanized collections bot by pushing the discussion’s outcome in real-time to the CRM.
    • Ameyo’s collections bot integrates with core banking and backend systems to identify the context and personalize the conversation.

    Contact Center Automation

    • Ameyo’s Voice Bot can take care of up to 50-60% calls, which are routine in nature to provide cost savings and more productivity to the existing agents
    • Connect existing voice networks with Ameyo’s speech-to-text (STT) engines. This connection provides you advanced call management functions such as call transfer, call disconnect, and call recording.
    • When a customer connects via a voice-based channel, Ameyo provides information exchange between voice bot & customers’ data is saved in CRM, which can then be contextually retrieved for further conversations.

    Digital Sales

    • Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), voice bots can easily comprehend speech in different dialects and easily converse with a person without scripting restrictions.
    • Voice bots can assist in taking your digital sales to the next level.  Ameyo’s Voicebot can handle time-consuming tasks such as scheduling appointments, setting reminders, confirmations, and even prospecting a potential lead.

    Conversational IVR (IVR bot)

    • The Conversational IVR system lets you understand the customers’ sentiment, context, and content spoken in Natural Language and provide a dynamic customer experience. Customers can converse with the voice bot in their own words, convey their issue or query, and get a suitable natural language response.
    • Unlike traditional menu-based IVR interactions, Ameyo’s Voicebot reduces the wait time for customers by delivering a convenient and personalized self-service, allowing you to minimize churn, maximize productivity, and save costs.

    Ameyo's AI Voicebot Features

    Automatic speech recognition

    End-to-end deep learning-based speech recognition that performs well with different accents and even in background noise. The word error rate for Ameyo’s ASR is less than 15%

    Omnichannel Capabilities

    Omnichannel ability to enable call deflection to other channels if needed, thus reducing costs and providing seamless customer experience

    Contextual Conversations

    Craft personalized, proactive & intuitive conversations with customers with a robust and secure cloud communication platform

    Multi-language Support
    Multi-language Support

    Ameyo’s Voice Bot can converse in natural human languages like English, Hindi, and eight other languages. You can dynamically switch language as per the context.

    NLP Engine

    Ameyo’s NLP engine can understand the context of customer interactions. It uses deep learning models to build a knowledge base from structured and unstructured data.

    Seamless deep CRM integrations

    Automate end to end support & service workflows using deep integration of Ameyo voice bot solutions with your existing CRM

    Negative Sentiment Recognition
    Negative Sentiment Recognition

    Sentiment analysis allows the voice bot to assign words as positive, neutral, or negative, giving an understanding of the conversation’s entire context.

    Flexible deployment options

    Choose to deploy on public cloud or private cloud while maintaining high-end security of your overall operations.

    Text to speech

    Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine generates a text transcript of the customer’s speech. Voicebot then converts its text response to voice using a Text-to-speech (TTS) engine. 


    Voice bot can transfer Complex conversations to a live agent without losing the context.

    AI Voicebot for Industries

    voicebot for retail

    Voicebot for Retail

    Retail voicebots are perfect for boosting sales in all seasons. They are also equipped to handle extra calls during the holiday season. Many retailers prepare for this by hiring more and more workforce or expanding their call center vendor plan.

    A voicebot can handle most of those queries because similar queries keep popping up most of the time. And even if a voicebot fails to comprehend or respond to the customers, It routes the caller to the most appropriate agent.

    voicebot for ecommerce

    AI Voicebot for eCommerce

    Voicebots can provide personalized product recommendations close in line with the customer’s needs and requirements. 

    This helps create a higher level of satisfaction for both parties, which leads them on an improved path towards achieving business goals such as reaching new sales targets or satisfying existing clients, even more so!

    voicebot for banking

    Voice bot for Banking

    Voicebots are a cost-effective and efficient way of delivering banking services. They help identify users and verify their identities and the status of all applications. 

    AI-powered voicebots are the next logical step in customer service and help you find what you’re looking for with ease. They can navigate through any system on behalf of their customers quickly & easily while also providing them live answers during a conversation via text message or call-to-action buttons!

    voicebot for insurance

    Voicebot for Insurance

    The benefits of using voicebots in insurance are significant, with the potential to provide your customer’s manager that helps them through every step.

    This means better understanding and schooling about what they need from you while streamlining processes like claim processing or payment assistance for quick counsel when necessary!

    voicebot for healtcare

    AI Voicebot for Healthcare

    AI voicebots in the healthcare industry will provide quick medical support to customers in a time of emergency. 

    In addition, these bots can automate all lower-level and repetitive tasks that would otherwise require human intervention, so patients don’t have to wait hours just sitting there waiting for someone else’s attention!


    Why Do Leading Businesses Choose Ameyo?

    Flexibility and Control

    Ameyo understands that your business is unique and lets you define your business-specific configurations, create your own rules, configure your dashboards and reports, manage your business prompts, and a lot more.

    Reliable and Secure

    Ameyo is PCI DSS compliant with certified public cloud environments across India, APAC, Africa, & ME. In Addition to being PCI DSS compliant, Ameyo is also ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 certified.

    We follow a detailed product development, delivery, certification, and implementation process, including end-to-end internal testing, periodic VAPT certification with an independent IT Security Agency, and adherence to CVSS.

    Seamless Integrations

    Automate end-to-end support & service workflows using deep integration of Ameyo voice bot solutions. Ameyo enables you to integrate your workforce management system, lead management system, in-house CRM, core banking systems, or any other third-party system.

    Customer Engagement Expertise

    Ameyo has provided customer engagement solutions for the last 18+ years to help consumer-facing brands streamline and improve their customer engagement across various channels – voice, email, chat, social media, video chat, and messaging

    Trusted by Global Brands

    2,000+ brands across 60+ countries have trusted Ameyo. It includes brands across different verticals and industries – BFSI, Edutech, Travel and Hospitality, E-commerce, Healthcare, Aviation, and more. Additionally, Ameyo provides 24/7 local support through its regional partners.

    Pay as You Go

    Ameyo offers a ‘pay as you go’ payment model to reduce the CAPEX costs and scale in a cost-effective way as per the business requirement.


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    Voicebots are intelligent virtual assistants that use machine learning to determine the probability of correct answers for any given question. The request entered by users via spoken language is converted into written text before being analyzed by speech recognition software, which then generates an output based on this data with a high degree of accuracy and precision

    The input sentence has many parts; these should be separated more clearly according to their function or importance in telling us what they’re saying.


    Voicebots are essentially used for a number of business benefits. Here are some:

    1. Creating personalized customer relationships.
    2. Providing quick, accessible, and autonomous customer service.
    3. Enhancing response time.
    4. Offering a consistent CX.
    5. Proactively engaging customers.

    Automatic Speech Recognition – Processing Customer Speech to Bot.
    Text To Speech Engine – Processing BOT responses into speech.


    Yes, We can enable you to setup the infrastructure, but BOT training has to be taken care of by the client.


    Ameyo will enable the setup in production environment with 5 intents, rest has to be trained by the client. Necessary consultation shall be provided while deploying the first 5 intents.


    Yes, we do have a scope to facilitate a POC.


    Ameyo voicebot supports English, Hindi, and Vernacular languages


    Only one intent can be handled by the Bot in a single interaction