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What is Cloud Dialer?

A cloud-based outbound dialer automates your outbound calling process by hosting dialing processes on the cloud. It eliminates the need to set up an in-house dialer while saving agents’ time and increasing your call connect rate.

Why Do you Need a Cloud-based Dialer Software?

There are multiple reasons why call centers should set up a cloud dialer mechanism. It reduces dependency on the local device and enables secure remote access. Apart from automating outbound calling, it saves time, money, effort while improving the overall customer experience and the quality of conversations.

Automate Outbound Calling

Automatically dial out numbers from your contact list without agent intervention

Boost Agent Productivity

Save agents’ time in manually dialing numbers while reducing human error

Resource Optimization

Get more done with limited agents by increasing agent productivity and overall performance

Increase Conversion Rate

Know the best time to call with an intelligent cloud outbound dialer software to boost sales

Improve Lead Management

Apply various rules to filter and manage your contact list to ensure higher call connects

Higher ROI

Cloud-based setup needs a lower setup cost to enable smooth operations and enhance call center ROI

Features of Best Cloud-based Dialer Software

Predictive Dialing
Predictive Dialing
Progressive Dialing
Progressive Dialing
Lead Management
DNC:DND List Filtering
DNC/DND List Filtering
CRM Integration
Real-time Call Monitoring
Real-time Call Monitoring
Outbound Reports
Outbound Reports
Call Recording
Call Recording
Call Management Options
Call Management Options
Time Zone Management
Time Zone Management
Best Time to Call
Best Time to Call

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Types of Cloud Dialers


Predictive Dialer

Cloud predictive dialer is an outbound automated dialer that improves agent efficiency by dialing multiple numbers at the same time based on the pacing ratio and previous attempts while connecting only answered calls to agents. The predictive dialer software intelligent uses the call metrics to predict the moment when an agent will be available to take the next call. This ability to dial multiple outbound calls while having the functionality to automatically tweak the numbers of contacts dials based on various parameters sets it aside from other auto-dialers.



Power/Progressive Dialer

A power dialer, also known as a progressive dialer is an autodialer that works on a configurable calls-to-agent ratio. The biggest benefit of having a progressive dialer over other cloud-based outbound dialers is that since the agent is connected first, the prospect on the other side of the call is not left hanging. A power dialer is most suitable for smaller caller centers with fewer working on high-quality leads.



Preview Dialer

As the name suggests, a preview dialer provides a glimpse of key customer information to the agent before initiating the outbound call. With preview dialer software, the agent has the option to skip a particular contact and move onto the next one. The preview dial is beneficial for call centers that are managing HNI prospect data and need their agents to be empowered with the right information to have qualified and effective interactions.


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How to Choose the Right Cloud Dialer Software?

Factors to Consider while choosing the Best Virtual Dialer Software for your Call Center

What is a Virtual Call Center-

Size of Call Center

The size of your call center or business is one of the key factors in determining the most suitable dialer for your business. An enterprise with a larger customer base and more people to reach out should opt for a predictive dialer. Alternatively, a smaller business can look towards a progressive (power) dialer to ensure quality one-on-one customer engagement.

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Target Audience

Understanding the audience that you cater to goes a long way in choosing the right cloud call center dialer. If you have a larger customer base then the predictive dialer is your best bet. However, if you have a refined sales process in place with a decent target audience then a power dialer is the way to go. And for high value and high detailed customers, it’s best to opt for a preview dialer.

Smooth Call Center Integrations

Out of the Box Integrations

Smooth integrations with major CRMs is something that one needs to consider. A well-integrated dialer system along with CTI integration provides the agents with all the relevant customer information on a single screen – without having to manage different systems and tools. With this, the agents can easily push and pull the data from CRMs without compromising on the experience of the customer.


Call Center Reporting

Real-time call monitoring, detailed outbound reports are some of the ways to be on top of your call center operations. Having the ability to monitor a live call by snooping, barging, or having a conference call, can be an effective way for the supervisors to judge the quality of conversations and identify the gaps to further improve the quality and agent performance.

The implementation scale was huge with lot of complexity. It was a major task for us to comply with security requirements and other business requirements. The project team worked effortlessly, satisfying all the requirements.

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Bilegt Tumurkhuyag

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The implementation scale was huge with lot of complexity. It was a major task for us to comply with security requirements and other business requirements. The project team worked effortlessly, satisfying all the requirements.
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Kingsley Bennett

CEO Metro Edge Technologies

Ameyo's Remote Contact Center Solution has helped us increase our productivity by 60%. It is a very effective solution that helps our agents work remotely with ease.
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Mukund Kulashekaran

SVP of Business Urban Company

During COVID-19 transition, Ameyo's team worked to solve all technical problems and ensured that we continue to provide high-quality support to our customers and service partners. They are a business partner in every sense.
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Ameyo helped Spice Money remote contact center agents reach 100% productivity in two week’s time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud dialer refers to an outbound auto dialer that helps you automate your outbound calling process while increasing agent productivity and call connect rate.


Following are some of the advantages of a cloud-based dialer system:

  • No manual dialing
  • Higher agent productivity
  • Higher sales
  • Increased revenue
  • Report analytics and monitoring
  • Watermark

    Some of the major differences between the two are in terms of the following:

  • Scalability: Cloud-based outbound dialer system is more scalable while offering one the flexibility to increase or decrease the agent licenses in real-time
  • Time to Market: You can be up and running faster with a cloud setup as compared to setting up an on-premise system
  • Cost: With minimum infrastructure and shorter time to market, a cloud-based dialer costs way less than an on-premise dialer
  • Watermark

    Following are some of the features of cloud dialer:
    Scheduling Callback
    DND based filtering
    Lead management
    There are a number of features available to make both agents and supervisors’ lives easier.


    A cloud dialer automatically dials the contact numbers from your lead list based on configurable rules and parameters to ensure high agent productivity while increasing sales conversions. An advanced cloud-based dialer intelligently determines the best time to call while adjusting the agent-to-call ratio (pacing ratio) to improve call connect rate and eventually boost revenue.