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Cloud Call Center Reporting and Monitoring

Advanced reporting and management tools to track call center performance

Call Center Analytics and Reporting Tools to Drive Best Results


Quick and Easy View of Call Center Metrics

Gain clear and actionable insights into all the important and relevant call center metrics to allow your supervisors to be on top of the operations. Get a 360-degree view to help your agents, team, and achieve your SLAs and overall call center goals and targets with cloud contact center reporting.


Automated Report Generation

Never miss a report. Get cloud call center reports sent to your mail inbox based on pre-set time and recipient details. Allowing the stakeholders to track the call center performance on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis.


Simplified Agent Monitoring

Get a complete cloud-based contact center report of calls (incoming, outgoing, and missed) handled by the agent along with the average handle time, speed of answer metrics along with having real-time stats to allow the supervisors to monitor the agent’s activities with a bifurcated view and
guide them to make on-the-spot effective decisions.

Mobile Tracking for On-the-Go Monitoring

Mobile Tracking for On-the-Go Monitoring

Configure monitoring of key campaign metrics using Ameyo Bird’s Eye View Mobile Application to have complete access to your call center data on your mobile phone. These graphical views make data consumption easy and fast for managers.

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