Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Connect Better With an Automated Predictive Dialer that Eliminates Manual Intervention

Intelligent Call Assignment

Based on preset parameters like the number of agents available, the number of operational lines and average time an agent spends on a call, predictive dialer algorithms calculates exactly when it should make the next call and assign to the available agent.


More Call Connects

Predictive dialer software can learn from the historical call patterns and incorporate changes in its call structure without any human intervention. The Intelligent algorithm could result in an exponential increase of more than 300- 350% compared to manual dialing.

Boost Agent Productivity

Outbound predictive dialer increases the efficiency of contact center agents. With predictive dialer software, agents can make more calls in the same span as compared to making calls manually.  Increased productivity leads to increased sales and ultimately more revenue.


Reduced Idle Time

The outbound call center agents would no longer have to waste their time to wait while the call is connected, to face answering machines, no answers or busy tones. With an effective predictive dialer in place, the agents can spend more time on live calls.

Blended Campaigns

Predictive dialer facilitates blended campaigns, allowing the supervisor to run outbound and inbound campaigns simultaneously. For a call center dialer which deals with both outbound sales and inbound customer service, it can help processing call back options in tandem.

Effective Reporting

The predictive dialer segregates the numbers into different categories- busy, unanswered etc. The agents and supervisors don’t have to manually keep the record such information, thus improving reporting and eliminating scope of errors.

Advanced Ameyo Predictive Dialer Features

Max Pacing Count

Pre-define maximum calls per agent to reduce call drop ratio and ensure optimum resource utilization.

Maximum Call Count

Set number of maximum calls a dialer can connect based on the historical data like call wrap time, connect rate.

Call Drop Ratio

Define the maximum percentage of call drops allowed for total outgoing calls to control factors like non-availability of agents.

Agent Wait Time

Set the time gap between the agent wrapping up an ongoing call and initiating a fresh call to keep agent idle time in check.

Variance Factor

This parameter indicates the dialer, by how much it can vary from other pre-defined parameters like Max Pacing Ratio.

Answering Machine Detection

Allow transferring only those calls to the agent that are answered by humans.




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