10 Surefire Call Center Training Methods That Improve Quality


Your call or customer contact center works as a conduit for the interaction between your company and the general public. Thus, naturally, the nature of your customer/call center has a paramount value and stake to the future of your enterprise in terms of both reputation and resilience in the face of competition from rivals in the market.

Here are a few ways by which you may establish, ensure and safeguard an effective and par excellent customer contact center:

  1. Nurture your agent’s skill sets

To ensure any kind of progress one must begin building up from the grass-root level. The first and foremost antecedent towards establishing the quality of your contact center is investing in the development and education of your agents such that they are equipped with not only the precise knowledge but also the right skillset, technology and other tools required to deal with clients in the most strategically effective method possible.

  1. Cultivate a ‘customer comes first attitude’

Sensitizing your agents to the demands and grievances of the clients aids in increasing customer satisfaction rates. Thus your company must strive towards cultivating a workplace culture that addresses and prioritizes the customer’s requirements above anything else. Generating a customer-centric attitude will act as a catalyst in achieving a higher customer satisfaction level.

  1. First contact resolution

Gradually as your contact center improves in accordance with its highly proficient technology, resolving customer dilemmas and enquiries within their first contact to your institution must appear as an integral goal in the company’s agenda. Statistics have confirmed that there is a directly proportional correspondence betweenfirst contact resolutions and a higher customer satisfaction rate.

  1. Data research and analysis

One of the sure shotmethods to gauge customer satisfaction is by conducting surveys,questionnaires,research as well as collecting and monitoring calls to discern and actively approach the issues that may help increase the quality of client contact services. Analyzing collected data ensures that you may devise a specific and customized series of actions to target and improve the particular hindrances in your services.

  1. Turn data into action

By virtue of the collected data provided now one may choose the relevant course of action such that any lapses and hindrances in troubleshooting and contact can be met.

  1. Internal assessment

Moreover, in addition to analyzing the information coming in, conducting peer reviews and training seminars etc.such that they are inclusive to your agents, will help boost work ethic, morale and participation and function as a source of motivation for your agents who will comprehend themselves as valued members of your company’s community.

  1. External benchmarking

In addition to Internal assessments, evaluating your progress in relation to the services provided in the market is equally integral to ensure quality services.Moreover,discerning your place amongst your competitors will also help you to adapt your institution’s goals accordingly.

  1. Apply a social media strategy

It will prove essential that a company’s customer/contact centers be adept and expanse over multiple media outlets and communication platforms. Social media is one of the fastest growing industries in the current information sector and planning a social media strategy that allows clients to quicker,more accurate and real time responses can help your contact centers satisfaction variable grow exponentially.
Making the switch to multi-channel customer care might prove to be extreme in the initial phases but will quickly reap multitudes of benefits in terms of timely and proficient contact services.

  1. Reduce call waiting time

Another method that may help increase call center quality to reduce the amount of time a customer waits till their call is answered. This can be implemented through various means such as by reviewing recorded call data and employing particular strategies to help combat taxing inbound call volumes. Moreover,one might also strive to provide services call back/voicemail for customers who do not wish to wait in queue etc.

  1. Customize

The review and consequential analysis of recorded call data will also lead towards the creation of a more holistically empowered contact center force that will be able to customize each individual caller’s unique needs and grievances. Information such as the customer’s personal details and additional knowledge such as their preferred means of communication etc. helps add a personal touch that appeals to the customer and helps increase the quality of the services you provide.

The customer/contact center plays a vital role in the overall image and perception of your company. Thus, in the wake of a highly developing customer service industry, which in turn facilitates increasing consumer demands, these methods will hopefully assist in illustrating some useful means by which you may ensure that the caliber of your customer service center is running on its highest and most efficient levels.