23rd November 2012



20th November 2012, I woke up from my sleep and started to muse on the interview I was to appear in the next few hours. As I was lost in my contemplations, I suddenly realized I had a lot of work to be wrapped before proceeding for the interview. I immediately rushed into the kitchen, grabbed some bread morsels and stuffing them into my mouth quickly arranged my file and other requisites for the “Big Day”.

I got ready in my newly bought formals and left the house praying to the almighty to help me put forth my best and come back with the good news. I took a metro and got off at Huda City Center and made my way straight to the office.

On reaching the office, I coordinated with the HR and informed her about my arrival. She came in and asked me to wait while she would get the interview test papers. After a moment I was called and directed to be seated in a small room. I started with the first written test of the interview which was on Aptitude. My performance on the test was not satisfactory enough. Then I was handed over with another set of questionnaire. This time it was Grammar. I appeared the test quite well and was happy about it. But the tests were not the end.

I was introduced to the Senior Manager of the Corporate Communications Department, Mr. Daswani. He is a nice, stout man with a good sense of humor. Our interaction started with he asking me questions about my job experiences and all the other nitty-gritty’s associated with me. I had a brainstorming session with him wherein he pounded me with tricky questions. The session lasted for quite long and at the end he informed to wait for some more time as the next session would be with the Head of the Corp. Com. I was left alone in the room wherein I had thousands of questions hovering my head concerning the next round.

Luckily, the second round was a brief one where I was again asked questions relating to my previous work profile and educational backgrounds. At the end I again had to appear another vocabulary test in which I scored well.

The interview was wrapped up by the final round conducted by the HR. Since it was the last round for the day, I was again bombarded with questions by the HR to which I answered patiently. He left the room in a while asking me to wait. By now I was completely drained off my energy and just wished to get released. While I patiently waited for someone to come and tell me that I can leave for the day, the HR came in and conveyed the great news that I had been selected. The news delighted me and I really forgot about the brain wrecking sessions I had.

I joined them on the 23rd of November 2012 and became the proud member of the Drishti family.