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3 Key Revelations from Kingdom Customer Experience Summit 2017

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We all are witness to a new revolution in the Middle East – the CX Revolution!

Ameyo recently showcased its Omnichannel Customer Experience solution at The Kingdom Customer Experience from 9-11 May in Riyadh, KSA. The event largely focused on creating optimal customer experience in the modern digital age, apart from the various elements of great customer experience design.

The team learned a lot about customer experience and networked with industry leaders who shared their knowledge and insights. It was quite an experience, to say the least!

Here are the 3 key takeaways you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Digital Transformation is Disrupting the Future

Are you able to keep up with the rapid digitalization in your industry?

According to Forbes – ‘Digital Transformation’ is the “realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.”

Technology has changed the way we live today. The widespread adoption of digital tools by consumers has ushered in a new era of change, increasing the standards for digital in the market. Digital Transformation turned out to be the biggest challenge for most companies. Many of them are focusing on innovative strategies to keep up with rapid digitalization.

The event largely focused on the importance of digital transformation of customer experience in the middle east as part of Saudi 2030 – an ambitious plan by the KSA to make the country ‘future ready’. To realize this change across the entire business, it is important for companies to analyze their current status quo and invest in the right tools needed to digitize their standard processes and business models.

  1. Are You Measuring Your CX Strategy?

According to eConsultancy, only 20% of companies have a well-defined customer experience strategy.

A successful CX Strategy helps in customer acquisition, reduces churn, skyrockets customer loyalty and improves retention.  Most companies realize that improving customer experience would result in huge benefits for their business. However, once a CX Strategy is set into motion – is your business actually measuring how well it performs?

A large emphasis was placed on measuring the results of a customer experience strategy at the event. Although many businesses claimed to have a customer experience strategy in place, a majority didn’t measure how well it has performed.

So, how should a business start measuring the results of a customer experience strategy? Here’s are a 5 tips to get started with CX measurement:

  • Segment Customers Effectively: Businesses should identify the customer segments most important to their industry.

  • Select the Experiences that Matter: Across the customer journey, select the experiences which have maximum business impact.

  • Track Key Customer Experience Metrics: Businesses should start by tracking key customer experience metrics for each experience across the customer journey, such as response times and problem resolution times, and design experience-focused value props for each metric.
  • Evaluate, Target, Achieve: It’s important to evaluate where the business stands and set targets for the chosen customer experience metrics.
  • Monitor, Re-evaluate, Implement, Improve: It’s crucial to monitor and keep improving on issues in the customer journey.

  1. Experiences with Emotions Matter Most

When’s the last time you called customer support only to be greeted by a customer service agent who sounded more like a robot, rather than a human? We all seek personalized interactions, and anything that doesn’t live up to this expectation stands out as being below par.

In the future, how customers feel about a business will prove to be much more important than the various functionalities of the product being purchased.

Hany Mokhtar, chairman of The Kingdom Customer Experience Summit and founder of the 4Es model of Customer Experience, also stressed the importance of Business-to-Human interactions – “As we are living in the era of the customer, knowing customers is no more an option, but a mandate for service providers to stay and play in their markets.”

The Road Ahead: Designing with Customers in Mind

Great CX Memories are embedded in customers who are WOW’d by the customer experience offered by a brand. Whether it’s UI design elements in website navigation or customer service processes, it is necessary to lay out the groundwork with the customer in mind. Customers desire a much deeper connection with the companies they choose to invest in, and it’s your job as a brand to satisfy this desire!

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