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4 Powerful Lead Generation Techniques for Startups


Startups are passionate enough from the beginning and aim at making a big difference in the world. However, in their early days, they struggle with sales and strive to gain a foothold in the market. Generating good sales leads is a common challenge that every startup faces. All they need to survive in this highly competitive environment are efficient and scalable lead generation techniques. This will not only keep your sales funnel filled but also help you in building your business when you have limited resources to spend on marketing activities.
A right lead generation approach can help startups in finding new business opportunities with ease, thereby increasing revenues and creating a brand image. Here are 4 lead generation tactics that startups must adopt:
Begin with your Inner Circle Network
Our own network could be the best source to find sales leads to start with. Search people among your friends, family and former colleagues who can help you. If they can’t be the direct buyers, they can always help you with appropriate referrals and contacts who can be a suitable prospect. People from your inner circle will be eager to aid you in growing your business and there will be a sense of trust as you already know them.
Get Smarter About Social Media
Launch your brand on all the relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Choose the platforms carefully depending on who your target audience is and on which mediums they are most active. This will empower you to enhance your exposure and build a loyal fan following.
It is the most efficient platform to enable your inner circle networking strategy. You can find a big number of B2B leads by intelligently using its search engine. It will be easier to gather the relevant information about a prospect through LinkedIn so that you are fully prepared before making a cold call or sending a cold email.
Joining applicable LinkedIn groups that affect your industry will allow you to establish thought leadership. Answering their queries and providing them with useful advice will aid you in building a smart reputation and make it easier for you to create a business relationship.
Quora is a very well known question-and-answer forum where people discuss almost every possible topic in the world. Enter keywords relevant to your industry and you will find some of the other topic being discussed. Be a part of it and share your invaluable opinions and value-added answers to get recognized. This way you will be able to gain more followers and subscribers to your company. Quora can also help you a great deal in gaining valuable insights into your target market and the industry in general.

Get your CTAs and Landing Pages Right

Incorporating the right CTA (Call to Action) buttons plays a critical role in improving the conversion rates of your landing pages. Ensure that your CTAs are such that people are encouraged to click through your landing pages. Size, color, shape, text, and positioning are some of the key attributes that affect how users perceive your CTAs. Conduct A/B testing and use the ones that work best in increasing the conversion rates.
Optimize your landing pages for appropriate lead generation. Put meaningful content in a precise manner that clearly specifies the value of your offering. Do not forget to include a relevant customer testimonial and a signup form to engage customers.
Create Relevant and Engaging Content
Do not bombard your potential clients with meaningless content and information overload. Instead, generate interactive content with useful visuals such as image and videos to make it more appealing and interesting. Avoid being too promotional and back up your findings and research with appropriate evidence. Putting your effort and time into content marketing and educating your potential customers will enable you to get more inbound leads. Sharing useful insights and industry expertise will make it easier for you to build long-term customer relationships and build customer loyalty.



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