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5 Customer Service Myths Busted [Infographic]



Good customer service has always been a game changer, but once you get down trying to define what goes into it, not everyone lands on the same conclusion. Many companies will already have great customer relationships, but the main question remains that how constantly is your company looking for opportunities to nurture the existing customer relationship. Good customer service is as simple as solving problems and offering solutions, but if not focused in an expedient manner then the customer relationship might stagnate.

Customer Service Myths Explained

Customer service departments keep on receiving various customer issues but resolving them effectively is a major challenge. Customers complain about an expectation of getting their issues resolved. This not only helps the department in rectifying errors but at the same time the valuable feedback also helps in the improvement of products and services. Assuming that fewer complaints are better for business is one of the biggest myth of customer service organizations. The below infographic designed by Salesforce desk lists down the top 5 myths and apparition about customer service:



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