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5 Great Ideas to Manage Customer Engagement Like Never Before


All work and no play, makes jack a dull agent.
Yes, a dull contact center agent.
Wondering what is wrong with your customer engagement goals? Why is it so, that even after putting significant efforts, your business isn’t able to optimise the customer base?

Sometimes, your customers come to you seeking not just the luxury of being served with the best possible customer service experience, but they also want to feel engaged and be a part of your business process. Sometimes, it is how well you place your customer engagement strategy and how brilliantly you define customer engagement goals, that will become a governing factor, towards building a sustainable customer base.
The call center industry can be taxing at times. It can demand a lot of effort, patience, persistence and still yield low satisfaction rates. The key to solving such problems, which at one point of time or another all call center managers face is to have a little dash of creativity in all your work processes and leveraging it towards customer engagement.
Still feeling curious on how can that be done? Here are some videos which clearly explain the basics of having a fool-proof customer engagement strategy and what value does it holds in present day call center industry.
Watch. Learn. Leverage.

1. What Happened 30 Years Ago vs What Happens Now? 
Everything is changing, everything is evolving. How can your customer engagement goals, strategy be left behind? If you have been thinking about a strict top-bottom approach, it is now to re-think and re-do. 

2. The New Rules Of Engagement
Your customers will not give you a second chance. They will hop from your brand and switch to another, in a matter of 30 seconds. The statistics have long changed. The statistics are changing. Here’s what you need to know.

3. What is Your USP?
Your USP – Unique Selling Point, is what that will give you an edge when it comes to leveraging your three greatest assets. What are these 3 assets? How do you make them count? Watch and learn.

4. Isn’t There A Simple Formula?

Yes, there is. Follow the rules and mathematics shall guide you home. Customer engagement is very closely related with customer value. If you can grab hold of your customer value index, you can have many satisfied and happy customers. Here’s how.

5. Let’s Summarize
Having happy customers is directly related to having happy employees. If you think that you can have the former without the later one, you are highly mistaken. Here are top 10 takeaways to ensure best engagement strategies.

We hope this was useful for you! Have any feedback or tips? Let us know in the comments section.



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