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5 Key Advantages of Universal Queue in Call Center


Omniqueue or universal queue is an ever widening concept in the contact center space. With the increase in customers expectations organizations have increased the channels of interaction but at times it becomes difficult for agents to switch between different interfaces for handling multiple channels.

The main concern arises when a new channel or mode of interaction is introduced in the customer service space. It becomes difficult for contact centers and agents to handle the channel on a first go and hence a lot of time is spent on the training and coaching techniques for providing seamless service to customers. Thus, providing consistent and high quality of service across channels in a cost-effective manner can be a challenge for the organizations. To break down the silos in contact channels and to arm the agents with the power to better serve the customers, the concept of universal queue was introduced.

The Universal Queue allows an agent to handle calls, reply to chat messages, send emails and manage social media interactions from a single unified interface, eliminating the hassles of switching systems. The solution allows businesses to deploy state-of-the-art customer service platform managing every customer interaction in a consistent manner.

With the help of a universal queue, agents can now address multichannel, customer experience and enhance their overall efficiency. 

Let us discuss few of the key advantages that a universal queue solution can provide to call centers:

Unified interface: Call center agents have to go through multiple applications, softwares and databases while interacting with customers on call. Each software or app has its own interface and navigation pages. This increases the chances of customer frustration as the agent on the call keeps on switching between interfaces to gather useful information leading to long wait time. With a unified agent interface agents have the power to serve customers with ease as the effort of switching between interface reduces. Also, the customer satisfaction score increases and the agent attrition along with agent-training cost reduces.

Real time graphical representations: With the help of an omniqueue solution, agents can have a real time view of operational statistics for multiple campaigns, interaction attributes, etc. The graphical representations can help the managers and agents in tracking critical call center metrics on the basis of which they can make smart business decisions. The managers can also design their training strategies with the help of the metrics to improve the performance of each individual in the team.

Activity history: In order to service customers better, it is essential for contact centers to maintain the record of their past data. When customers call for the second time, they expect quick resolution owing to the fact that they have already explained their issue in their first call. But, when the agent keeps on repeating the same question again and again, customer frustration increases and in some cases reaches a point where they defect to the competition. Thus, a unified platform has the capability to track the past history of the call through which they can provide better service, streamline the workflow and eliminate the chances of error.

Advanced Trigger Based Notifications: As the name suggests, this feature helps the agent to automate certain actions to help resolve queries for their customers. For eg if an agent closes a particular ticket then an automated email (personalized one) will be sent to the customer addressing about the issue and solution provided against the issue. Such notifications help to ease the agent’s burden to notify customers about certain actions and at the same time helps agents to better engage the customers and provide them a sense of importance if these can be more personalized. Other example can be like an automated message to the customer if the agent doesn’t respond within given frame of time. Thus such triggers can be more than useful if optimized perfectly.

Speech analytics: With the help of speech analytics agents have the capability to analyze and extract information from both live and recorded conversations. The data can be used to gather intelligence for interpreting the needs and ongoing trends in the market. Organizations can use the information to go beyond the traditional servicing programs and can work on their strategies to revamp the call center operations and to boost the return on investments.



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