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5 Marketing Strategies to Win More Customers


Customers always look, and ask for, more when they are purchasing something. They want maximum utility, cost effectiveness, high quality, reliability, great service, and a great experience. As an enterprise, your goal is to ensure that your product/service/offering is the best in the market, and offers the best features and uses to the customer. The quality of your offering will enhance if you support it with service that provides an invaluable experience to the customer. It should be the wow factor that pulls in the crowds and keep customers loyal.

How can you do that? Easy. Here are 5 areas that service the customer directly and indirectly, and reflect in the sales figures in both the short-term and the long-term.

  1. A responsive and great website
    Has business moved from physical spaces to online spaces? Yes, it has. As we turn increasingly virtual, it is a sin for a business to not be present online. Customers like to search websites for offerings and also compare products of different brands. Comparing helps them make better judgment of which brand they will go for, though products may be similar. Therefore, can your website analyze viewing patterns of a potential customer and offer them suggestions? Do you have ad-infested web pages or can customers view products at ease? How easy is navigation on the website?
    The easier you make it for the customer to take them from viewing to purchase, the more sales you will garner online. Keeping the website simple and uncomplicated makes it easy to maintain from your end, and ensures easy navigation to the customer.
  2. Post-sale thank you messages
    Every conversion requires a thank you page, yet is often an afterthought. A thank-you message serves several important functions. The first of course is saying thank-you to the customer for the purchase and promising them great service every time they make purchase. You offer loyalty from your end, and hope that the customer returns the favor by sticking to your brand and buying more.
  3. Auto-confirmation e-mail/message
    This is a special kind of e-mail that should be automatically sent to your converted prospects as soon as possible after they convert. The contents of the e-mail can offer discounts if they join your network or make a purchase, loyalty cards, benefits of becoming a customer, among other such offers. It is a small way to advertise your service.
  4. E-mail newsletter
    You need to make regular contact with your customers in order to positively build their impression of your business and to keep your name at the top of their mind. While regular contact would ideally consist of content in variety of forms, this isn’t always possible. An e-mail newsletter containing new products or services, the latest posts from your blog, customer testimonials, sales events, and other interesting news is an excellent way to maintain contact. Focus on getting such e-mails out frequently. However, do not overcrowd your customers inboxes because they will hate you for that. Use this mode judiciously and make sure the language is suited to excite and entertain customers instead of bombarding them with useless information and offers.
  5. Blog post
    Your blog is an interesting way to keep employees engaged about the company, and it also gives customers insight into your business. Writing about work days, events, showing customers a behind-the-scenes look of how you make your products, and talking about general information helps customers makes a personal connection. For example, a retail store can post pictures of their customers in their new line and have a best dressed contest for the employees and subscribed customers. It is an interesting way to engage customers without bombarding them with blast e-mails, voice messages, and phone calls. Since blogs are subscribed to, customers knowingly sign on for information.

More customers and more sales
Increased sales will be a resultant of more customers making more purchases, which ultimately is due to sustained, interdependent marketing campaigns and strategies. The campaigns described here cover the most common of these interdependent elements and so developing them all ahead of time will enable you to see results more quickly. The use of a robust contact center software to boost your back-end support will help you focus on front-end support, as the solution will take care of all activities efficiently and effortlessly. Enterprises should continue to develop their proven strengths and keep customer satisfaction in mind when they create new products, or develop the existing ones. The customer, after all, is at the heart of the business.


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