6 Effective Customer Engagement Strategies to Build your Brand


Surely starting and setting up a successful business requires a great amount of effort. It is a journey that includes lots of hard work and planning right from assessing your finances, determining your legal business structure, selecting a technology, building your team to choosing your partners. Finally after slogging so hard when an entrepreneur launches his brand in the market, one of the major concerns that arise is building up an effective consumer base.
With internet at their fingertips-thanks to smartphones and mobile devices- customers are in full control of their experience. As the customers are in charge, companies have been forced to reconsider their customer engagement strategies. It becomes all the more crucial for startups to create an effective customer building game plan as they are yet to build an image for themselves in this competitive marketplace. For a brand to survive, it’s important to offer personalized experiences and keep the customers as the central focus.
Below are 6 customer engagement strategies that startups and new businesses must adopt in order to be different and innovative:
Provide Real-time Benefits to Customers
A brand that provides real-time benefits will ensure an enjoyable customer experience. Instant gratification and sudden surprises are always loved by the customers. And mobile is a perfect platform to provide these benefits. For example- a transport company who also has its app can provide its customers with relevant promotional offers based on their location. “Getting off at a new stop? Why not check out this new restaurant that meets the criteria you selected in the app?” This will make their travel experience more exciting and appealing.  
Use Social Media as an Effective Engagement Tool
Facebook and LinkedIn are not merely platforms for connecting with people and amplifying your products and brand messaging.  Start using social media as a tool to connect, share, identify questions, research influencers and experts, and create content that customers will like. By analyzing the data obtained from social media, companies can discover new consumer trends before the competitor does. Make full use of the conversations online to enhance the quality of your product and make it more useful and relevant for the users.

Leverage Customer Feedback

It’s advisable to regularly seek feedback from customers to better meet their needs. Consistent surveys would aid in helping customers who have issues with your brand and converting them into loyal ones. Do not ever ignore negative feedbacks as they might offer a means for process improvement. Turning dissatisfied customers into happy customers make them more loyal and vocal advocates for your brand.
Embrace the Omni-channel Concept
Customers tend to connect with a brand through multiple channels. For instance- a customer might start with the brand’s print brochure, graduate to the physical store and make the final purchase online. This is actually the way customers operate in today’s technologically advanced world. Companies need to align their operations with their customers’ needs and must offer exceptional and integrated experiences across all channels.
Utilize Customer Data Efficaciously
You must analyze customer behaviour and demographics in order to develop other strategies to engage your customers in a better way. Relevant customer information makes it easy for you to build engagement plans that are tailored to your target market. You might end up making mistakes if you simply assume that you know your customers. It’s always better to conduct an analysis so as to avoid mistakes that can cost you higher in the long run.
Understand the Customer Psychology
To make the customer happy and ready to purchase your product, it’s critical to understand his psychology by diving into his brain. What attracts your customer- attractive packaging, good pricing or easy availability at local stores. Decide by judging your customers and try to build a good rapport with them by satisfying them as much as you can.