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6 Essential Tips to Reduce Call Blockage


For call centers whose businesses are dependent on inbound calls, the occurrence of just a solitary blocked call might mean losing out on a possible revenue opportunity or worse still, losing a prospective customer for eternity.

Therefore, it is pertinent for these call centers to ensure that each call is connected by preventing blocked calls.

Some of the tips that might come immensely handy during the said process are:

  1. Ensure that the software meant for your call center can handle the requisite call volume: One of the primary reasons for blocked calls is the absence of a call center software technology that can handle the necessary volume of calls. In order to solve this imbroglio, you need to find out with your software provider if your account is endowed with unrestricted concurrent calling abilities. Additionally, see that you have the luxury of sufficient bandwidth and trunks to handle the call volume. This is a primary step in ensuring that you call center is not afflicted by the dreaded phenomenon of call blockage.
  2. Optimize the queuing of calls: Once you have ensured that your software can handle the requisite volume of calls, ensure that your software is configured in such a way so as to prevent the blockage of calls. This is important to handle periods of high call volume. Make sure that this is done for all the agents, phone numbers, departments and the entire call center. It is pertinent to ensure that maximum calls are queued. The agents should also be equipped so that they have information about the callers waiting in the queue. This needs to be done so that the agents can quickly decrease the number of calls held along the queue. The integration of efficient software and trained agents could also significantly enhance the quality of the services doled out by your call center.
  3. Employ queue callbacks along with voicemail queue: Just as it is important to active call queuing, it is also vital to activate technological features such as queue callbacks and voicemail queues in order to reduce the blockage of calls. These features give customers the leeway to request for an agent callback while waiting in a long queue in addition to the privilege of leaving a pointed voicemail. These are rather simple mechanisms and clever employment of these techniques would significantly lower the volume of blocked calls.
  4. Work for improving call forecasting: Once all the preliminary steps have been taken concerning the optimization of the call center software, you have to guarantee that you correctly predict the volume of calls at your call center. This is important so that you could staff the call center perfectly. Manage your workforce according to an approach driven by data in order to forecast the volume of your inbound calls. This would significantly alter the blockage of calls for your call center by making your teams prepare for the concerned call volume.
  5. Verify that your agents comply with the requisite standards: Remember software and technology will go nowhere till the manpower is upto it. It is crucial that you have employed the services of the right agents with the right set of skills. You need to make sure that you make use of the available resources with élan. It is very important to adhere to the best set of available practices in order to improve adherence to agent scheduling. Also, use distant call center executives in order to handle high incoming volume of calls. These are rather essential to see that your call center is reaching the zenith of its declared abilities.
  6. Ensure that you provide the right training to your agents: Last but not the least, provide your agents with the requisite amount of skills to ensure that they can handle the traffic of incoming call volume. When the teams of agents are trained perfectly; all of the call handling time, blocked call volume and the sheer number of queued calls gets reduce. Thereby, enhancing the efficiency of your call center. Your agents should be well aware of the repercussions that your call center might have to face just in case the number of blocked calls increase. Moreover, agents need to be trained well on how to resolve customer requests efficiently and in a time-bound manner.

All in all, it is important to understand that blocked calls could have disastrous impact on customer loyalty, incoming revenue and customer satisfaction. Consequently, call centers should improve the software and employ best practices in order to reduce the volume of blocked calls. However, it is equally important to remember that software and technology only complement the manual workforce. So, impart the best of training to your workforce in order to optimize efficiency to the level that is required.


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