7 Ways to Improve your Call Center Quality


Call centers play a vital role in determining the business efficiency, improved conversions and higher customers satisfaction rate. For call centers to perform at par excellence rate, it becomes more than necessary for them to deliver amazing customer service. But due to the daily targets and monotonous work culture of call centers it has become very annoying for agents to continually interact with customers, thus leading to higher attrition rate. It becomes highly imperative for call centers to uplift the motivation level of agents to achieve the desired goals.

7 Ways to Improve Call Center Quality

Here are 7 ways you can improve call center quality in your call center:

1) Revamp the hiring and training process

One of the best methods to uplift your call center quality is by improving the service levels. Effective training and coaching practices can make your agents highly proficient and at the same time will help them in aligning their individual goals. However, this is only possible if you hire reps with the right set of skills and thereafter train them to excel in their role. This will develop a sense of excellence and bring down the call center’s operational cost along with the improvement in first call resolution rate.

2) Re-energize and motivate agents

The secret behind having a highly engaged team is the level of motivation they have. Managers can design different strategies for keeping up the team spirits high. Motivation schemes like rewarding, providing appreciation and introducing gamification as a regular practice can help in developing passion towards the job role and at the same time can bridge the knowledge gap. Managers can also develop self assessment programs for agents, and identify relevant measures to improve business KPIs.

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3) Quality Call monitoring is necessary

To sustain in the competitive environment, it is necessary for call centers to innovate. Quality call monitoring is one such practice that has not only helped the management in understanding the customers requirement but has also been the key to success towards improving customer service and decreasing operational cost.

With call monitoring managers have the capability of getting insights from the ongoing call and assuring that the quality standards are met. Further, the insights can be used for analyzing the ongoing trends in the market and identifying the necessary areas for call center improvement.

4) Insight into Business KPIs

Determine which business KPIs have the greatest impact on your business with customer experience measurement; it helps you measure the call center quality. Meeting standard KPIs enable businesses to achieve their goals. Here are a few KPIs which can be used to measure the quality of customer experience and call center quality:

  • Call abandon rates
  • Monetary cost per call
  • Number of first call resolution
  • Queue time
  • Call Completion Rate


5) Improve First Contact Resolution

To improve call center quality reps must focus more on first contact resolution and provide their customers better solutions to their issues. It is necessary for managers to look at how efficient their current processes are in providing first contact resolution to their customers, on their issues. This will help in ensuring that they wouldn’t lose their customers. To promote first contact resolution effectively, automated technologies such as hosted contact center solutions can be used by the contact centers. Managers must regularly monitor customer requests and track progress call center quality would improve.

6) External benchmarking is important

With internal monitoring and analyzing, it is mandatory to compare your call center’s performance level with the competitors. Internal assessments are more abstract and illusory and for a true picture you would need an external benchmarking.

7) Reduce Agent Attrition

The attrition rate of agents has been a major concern for call centers. The churn rate of agent impacts the call center performance metrics. Every time a trained agent leaves, fewer are left to ensure optimum level of service. and in this period managers must endure the recruiting and hiring process to fill in the vacancies. This can hamper the contact center KPIs. So, it is very crucial to improve call center attrition in order to improve call center quality.

The seven ways above can help you improve the call center quality. Want more? Here’s how you can see effective result in call center quality with the right call center software.