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8 Top Customer Experience Trends in 2016 [Infographic]


Undoubtedly, delivering superior customer experience has become vital to growing sales and revenues of a company and this year (2016) has brought more challenges due to increase in customer expectations. Price or features of the product are no longer the critical factors that drive customers engagement. So, it’s time for you to recreate your winning strategy to lure customers and retain them.

Below in the infographic from The Service Manager, the top 8 customer experience trends in 2016 have been showcased. Today’s customers look towards self-service tools to solve the issues on their own. They expect brands to be present on their preferred channel of communication and want the power of interacting with brands anytime, anywhere. Companies must integrate mobile phones to their business model so that the employees and customers are connected all the time. Social media continues to a powerful medium for converting infuriated customers into loyal fans.

Enjoy going through the infographic and learn what does the future of customer experience look like.



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