8 Ways Your Competitors use Customer Experience Innovation to Stay Ahead


The first advertisements ever recorded in human history were by the Egyptians in the year 2000 BC. They would carve public notices in steel to spread political awareness. Fast forward time to today’s era and you’ll find that a well-designed and well-thought out advertisement doesn’t really surprise you anymore. This is the result of innovation. And it’s more important than ever for people looking to improve customer experience.

Delivering a great customer experience seems simple enough. Its extremely efficient, highly personalized, and well-timed along the customer journey. However, it is not so simple anymore because it involves just the right mix of people, processes and technology to deliver the kind of interactions that delight customers.
Innovation isn’t just about inventing something new, it’s about applying better solutions to meet business goals. In the world of customer experience, customer experience innovation is about improving at all times by looking for a much better way to solve the problem at hand than in the past.
Technology is ever-evolving, and because of this, society is progressing as a whole. This has made customers more demanding, and inter-connected. Customers don’t want products or services, they want solutions to problems they are trying to solve. And, never forget that there are others like you who are trying to gain the same customer’s trust. Thus, to survive in times of fierce competition, it is important to devise innovative solutions.
Innovative solutions speak of authenticity, effectiveness, and quality while being cost-efficient at the same time. If a company can do this, they will succeed in gaining the loyalty & trust of their customers. It will also differentiate the brand from worthy competitors.
Just look at customer experience market leaders and how they differentiate their brand from their competitors. They take their time to understand their market and what customers really desire. They know the importance of customer experience and its benefits to a brand as a whole.

Want to learn how the pros approach customer experience? Here are 8 ways your competitors are using customer experience innovation to stay ahead!

They Are More Human-Centered

Awesome experiences require brands to treat their customer more like a human, rather than just a metric. Personalization is no longer about automated emails or payment triggered promotions, its about AI / Big Data to analyze huge amounts of customer information to offer futuristic personality into the brand using customer journeys.

They Really Know their Customer

There’s one thing that sets apart market leaders – they really take their time to know their audience. This includes everything from their needs to expectations, to what really makes them tick. They focus on critical points across the entire customer journey, not just on one touchpoint, to get an idea about how the customer perceives the experience. 

They Set the Standards and Believe in their Ideas

Companies with strong customer experience don’t just piggyback on the trends of their competitors – they set the trends. They do this by setting certain standards and standing by them. Market leaders are willing to adhere to exceptional quality to stand out from the crowd.

They Go Beyond Business KPIs to Create Memories with Customers

All successful companies with strong customer experience have one thing in common – they go beyond business KPIs to create everlasting memories. They would do everything it takes to deliver a birthday cake even if there’s a storm brewing, or go out of their way to contact the customer when they don’t pick up their phone for delivery.

They Infuse their Brand into their Employees

Most customer experience market leaders make brand ambassadors out of their employees. Not only do they strengthen their brand while doing so, they also build up a strong reputation when it comes to customer satisfaction. They manage to effective internalize their brand promise, infusing it into their employee’s personality. A great example is Apple.

They Continuously Make Improvements

The pros of customer experience don’t just develop ideas – they continuously improve upon them to make them the best in the world. If you’ve learned some customer experience lessons from Apple, Disney and Tesla – they never miss a chance to make something better by making little changes over time.

They Do Things Differently

CX leaders don’t just do things, they do things differently. They are extremely creative, and won’t hesitate to break boundaries to make that one campaign very special for the audience. Think of Apple’s Superbowl commercial or Google’s Humanitarian initiatives – super creative, intelligent, and progressive for everyone involved. 

They Don’t Shy Away from Complaints

We’ve already talked about Tesla’s Customer Experience and Elon Musk’s near-immediate feedback-to-action implementation thinking – it’s simply remarkable. CX market leaders consider complaints as opportunities to improve, and never shy away from disgruntled or angry customers.

Examples of Customer Experience Innovation

Although you’ll stumble across many customer experience innovation examples each day on social media or through word-of-mouth, some really are worth talking about. Here are some CX innovation examples you’ll find interesting:

  • After speaking to more than 30,000 people in 11 different countries to understand the role of beverages in daily consumer lives, Coca cola was able to engage customers in a much better fashion by deeply understanding their customers through surveys. They identified over 5 billion opportunities each week (in the U.S. alone) for people to buy beverages away from home.
  • Coca Cola recently implemented a Customer Engagement Platform that allows customers to collaborate with the company online. In a month alone, 10,000 people signed up! They also gave a mobile app to representatives to understand customers better.
  • City Union Bank launched its Lakshmi customer service robot to take care of customer queries, and uses hand gestures as well!
  • HDFC Bank recently launched EVA (electronic virtual assistant), which they claim is India’s first AI-based chatbot that is capable of answering millions of customer queries across multiple channels in an instant.
  • AT&T created more than 2000 videos just to say ‘thank you’ to their two million fans on Facebook upon reaching the milestone following.
  • TD Bank Group, as part of its #TDThanksYou campaign, gave cash and presents through various ATMs across the country – making them ‘Automated Thank You’ machines.
  • Real Madrid allowed one of their fans to design their jersey for the new season as part of ‘adidas Creator Studio’ competition, which was won by Jesus Serrano and presented to Zinedine Zidane – imagine what an experience that might be!

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