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9 Key Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs



Do you know what it takes to make it in the stressful and challenging world of entrepreneurship?

Starting a business of your own means a lot of courage and hard work – long hours of work, huge sacrifices and ability to deal with new problems and challenges every day. If you don’t have the fettle to pull through these things, your business can be destroyed faster than it’s created.

Surely, entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

So, are entrepreneurs born or made?

All entrepreneurs are not a special breed of people born into this world with a drive and urge to succeed, which other people lack. In fact, many entrepreneurs are created through right kind of education, experience and mentorship. While it’s true that some of us are born to be entrepreneurs, others can be guided to success by harnessing crucial attributes.

Below are 9 key traits of successful entrepreneurs-

Highly Determined and Confident

An entrepreneur is under tremendous pressure right from the beginning phase of establishing his business, growing it to becoming market leaders. There is a need to set clear goals to execute their plan be it about increasing sales, hiring new employees or reaching new geographical locations. While there are enormous challenges that entrepreneurs face in their journey towards success, the ones who are fully determined and confident will be able to make it. Therefore, having determination and high level of confidence is a must for entrepreneurs to emerge victorious even under the most stressful conditions.

Willingness to Take Risk

As starting a new business is always risky and full of uncertainty, a successful entrepreneur is willing to risk time and money. But at the same time, he is able to evaluate the risks carefully and is prepared and ready with resources, plans and bandwidth for dealing with them. He is not afraid of failure and is able to make the best decisions in even the worst of cases. He knows what is to be done if his venture doesn’t pay off.

Strong Leadership Qualities

A leader is one who values the goals, has strong communication skills and possesses the ability to motivate his entire team to achieve a common goal by working effectively. Successful entrepreneurs have these qualities of a strong leader. They know how to earn trust and respect of his employees by demonstrating positive work qualities and confidence. They foster an environment that proliferate good values throughout the team.

Hunger for Learning

Constant learning is required to survive in today’s dynamic, competitive and ever-changing marketplace. In order to stay ahead of the competitors, it is crucial to stay sharp and assimilate new information every day. Well-to-do entrepreneurs follow this rule and stick to their daily routine of being up to date with latest industry trends by indulging in newspapers, magazines and online portals.

Competitive Spirit

Entrepreneurs love accepting challenges and overcoming them. Of course, starting a business is one of the biggest challenges itself that a person can take. Entrepreneurs have the guts to fight a constant war with their competitors, win new businesses and grow their market share.

Proficient in Networking

Entrepreneurs understand the value of strong peer network and aims at building value-based meaningful relationships. They know that it takes a network of friends, financial partners, business partners and resources to succeed. A good leader nurtures these relationships to make them long-lasting and mutually beneficial.

Extremely Flexible

A successful entrepreneur has to perform various roles at one time. He is a marketer, salesman, accountant, project manager and many more. Even if you don’t know certain aspects, you should be flexible enough to learn. In order to take your startup to new heights and lead your team of people well, you should be willing to learn and get involved in all facets of your business.

Capacity to Sell

Entrepreneurs are often found selling. You need to sell your vision to prospective investors and partners. You should sell the positions in the team to prospective recruits on why they should join your startup they have never heard of. Then, you need to sell your product and services to your first few customers until you have a full-fledged sales team. Hence, an entrepreneur must have the potential to sell to grow big.

Serial Innovators

Entrepreneurs are constant innovators. They continually develop new ideas and improve on existing processes to drive their business. As businesses need to improvise their products and services from time-to-time to improve their effectiveness and adapt to ongoing changes, an ability to innovate on a frequent basis is one of the desired trait of a leader.

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