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A Game of Loyalty


A Game of Loyalty

A couple of months ago, I travelled to the Philippines for a vacation and en route I travelled to Malaysia, needless to say I was very much intrigued while I was waiting for my flight to depart the airport. It wasn’t the airport, the plane or even the belles that made sure I was comfortable. I was mesmerized by the television.

I saw an ad, an elderly British woman treated with a parade, the red carpet, a feast and everyone to answer her beck and call. But she wasn’t the only one, there was also another man (I assumed to be a local) who was treated the same way.

The thought that struck me was royalty, we all grew up with the concept of nobility, of Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses and we all have been fascinated by that (I know I have!).

Customers, like the woman in the ad loves to be treated well, we want to be pampered and be treated differently. The attention that we want as customers are what defines who we promote, just take ebay for example, whenever I buy anything and I got what I wanted perfectly then I promoted the particular store to my friends.

This is especially true when we talk about customer satisfaction and the overall experience when dealing with contact centers. A lot of times there are customers who would be waiting to be serviced and they would be utterly unhappy at the service. They would have no problems in voicing out their discontent, and if that hits the social media network then you are in for a massive fire fighting (just ask Dominos).

They may even just jump ship to your competition and that is something that no one wants. But the idea is not only to make customers satisfied, it is essential for contact centers to make customers delighted.

A delighted customer becomes a brand ambassador of the product or service. Just last week I gave a presentation about Ameyo Social Interaction Manager and one of the questions I asked was what phone do you use, one of the participants said “Nokia, I have been using only this brand for the past 15 years and I have two of them!”

Now that is brand loyalty, he obviously has been happy with the product and whenever he has any issues he had a good experience with their support. He is treated like a king and he is not scared to shout it out loud.

Now the question is, do your customers feel the same about your product or service?


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