Advantages of using Social Media in Contact Centers


Social Media in Contact Centers
Happy customers have always been a recipe for success. When they like a particular service, they talk about it to other people. Every time they say something, is heard by millions of people. Most of the businesses these days have therefore opted for Social Media experts in order to respond to customer complaints and inquiries, on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Call Centers too have switched to social media since they are required to connect with lots of customers day in and day out. The idea of incorporating social media as a procedure to enhance customer satisfaction is to act on the complaints and feedbacks the customers post on the social media sites. Contact centers have therefore laid their dependency on Social Media to garner customer opinions and learning about the loopholes which needs area of improvement.

Impact of Social Media in contact centers:
a.Increase sales opportunities: With the perpetual uptake in social media, contact centers are empowered to monitor conversations regarding their products, services, customers and prospects. This helps in strengthening the existing customer relationship and capitalize on new opportunities. Almost all organisations now, possess facebook and twitter accounts through which, it becomes easy for contact centers to connect and educate customers about their products and create a favourable opportunity for improving sales.
b. Boosts customer service – Social media is a platform wherein exchange of information and ideas take place. Customers are empowered to express their opinions about different services and products as they leave comments in the pages which are taken as feedbacks. Once the comments are analysed, contact centers interact with the concerned customers and ensure they are provided with the best services and products.
c. Increase awareness: Social media plays a vital role in leveraging business for contact centers. They often post about their products, new releases, operational amendments and any sort of change which they think can impact their business. Since people seem to be getting more inclined towards the social networking sites, these posts help contact centers in increasing awareness about all the happenings taking place.
d.Helps build more contacts: Social media not only empower contact centres to interact with their existing customers but also allows them build more customers. The comments and feedbacks shared in the social media networks are read by huge number of people which prompts them to opt for a particular service or product. This attracts more customers which increases the profit level of all contact centers and boost the profit level.
These are some of the advantages of contact centers integrating with social media. So, what is your take on it?