Advantages of using Speech Analytics


Speech Analytics

Contact centers and enterprises, in their quest to improve and enhance customer satisfaction have come a long way to use new technologies. One such technology which is growing rapidly is the Speech Analytics. It is a device which empowers managers and supervisors to find out which agents are not being proactive, or which are not succeeding in satisfying customers. Post that, they provide them with the required training and education to improve agent performance. With the tool, one is also able to identify calls which are difficult for agents to handle and design different strategies to deal with them.

Here are some of the distinctive advantages of speech analytics:

a.Enhance customer experience: Improving customer experience has become an important objective for all businesses owing to which there has been the increasing deployment of speech analytics. The instrument has the capability to recognise and analyse audio data and also detect a customer’s purpose of calling and his requirements. The supervisors, through the speech analytics determine the speech of the agents and make sure adequate services are provided to them and all their queries are resolved with utmost courtesy and benevolence.

b. Monitor and train call center agents: Speech analytics help the supervisors to monitor customer-agent interaction simultaneously. They are also able to monitor an agent’s adherence to scripts and the protocol to be followed mandatorily. The speech analytics technology helps supervisors gauge at the agent’s performance, conduct necessary trainings and also reduce call volume.Operational and performance issues that occur off and on can be managed which improves service, quality and support.

c. Reduce cost and increase profit: Apart from detecting speech, the tool also has the ability to reduce contact center costs by identifying cost savings and ways to avert expenses. The speech analytics no doubt yields substantial benefits however, there is a need for significant investment for its deployment.

d. Reduce customer attrition: Speech analytics also help in reducing customer attrition. Since speech analytics help in monitoring customer and agent interaction, contact centers are able to find out the reason why customers are leaving. This helps them plan for better ways to offer services to customers and retain them. Quality service improves customer experiences which prevents them from leaving.

e. Enhance revenue: Apart from the contact centers, the enterprises also reap benefits from using speech analytics. Sales organisations may use the device to track up-sell and cross-sell opportunities which leads to increased sales. With the speech analytics, sales managers can learn about the sales and the impact it has left on the customer.

Speech analytics have acquired a significant position in both the contact center as well as enterprise worlds. The technology has been found useful as it has the ability to provide customer and operational insight as compared to any other application. So are you too using a Speech Analytics?