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Agent Status Report – A Much Needed Blessing for Call Centers


Agent Status Report helps to provide a detailed look at your workforce. It will provide you with a timeline of all your agent status changes within a specific period of time. Agent status is a feature that allows call center agents to display their status to the rest of the team.

Following are the common agent statuses.

  • Available – This shows that the agent is ready to take, and make calls.
  • Busy – This shows that the agent is not ready to take calls.
  • On call – This shows that the agent is on a call.
  • Away – This shows that the agent is away from their workstation.
  • After call work – This shows that the agent has just completed a call, and is wrapping up the tasks associated with the call. For example, closing a trouble ticket, making notes, creating a trouble ticket, and sending a trouble ticket to the associated department..
  • Offline – This shows that the agent is not logged into the call center software system.

The report will show the name of the agent, status of the agent, start and end time of the status, and the total duration time of the status. You can generate the report for your whole team or for a specific number of agents, or even for an individual agent.

The report helps to provide a general view of the progress of your call center. It shows information about your agents and their activities throughout the day. The report is an efficient and important management tool which can be used as an individual tool or in conjunction with other reports to understand the different aspects of your call center.

We have compiled some key benefits of the report, which will help you in obtaining a good grasp on the subject.

1. Agent Coaching

The average call handling time (AHT) of new agents will be higher than that of experienced agents. However, after some time, once they have become familiar with the process, they should be able to bring the AHT down. If an agent is not being able to do that, it will get reflected in the agent status report. Thereafter, the manager or the supervisor can take a look at the report, and identify the agents who are not able to maintain their target AHT, and thereby coach them. Training programs can be designed for such agents to help them improve their performance on calls. The report will also show whether an agent is taking extended breaks, logging in late or logging out early. Necessary actions can then be taken.

2. Identify Agents Performing Well on the Call 

A very efficient agent will be able to finish all the tasks associated with the call, such as logging the call information, creating / closing trouble tickets, so that he/she does not have to go into ‘not-ready’ status. This actually helps to improve the overall AHT of the team. Such agents are an asset to the company. The customers will only have to wait less in the queue if you have a number of agents like them. It helps to improve customer experience. Such agents can be identified with the help of agent status report, and they can be rewarded for their excellent work. This will help to earn the loyalty of agents, and will foster greater agent retention.

3. Optimize Automated Workflows 

It might be common for an agent or two to spend considerable amounts of time on after call works. However, if the entire team is spending a lot of time to finish after call works, it might be an indication or a sign that your agent workflows are not as efficient as they should / could be. The agent status report will show this trend. You can then analyze your automated workflows, and configure it for optimum performance. It is important to optimize your automated workflows because if your team is spending a lot of time on after call works, it means longer waiting time for customers.

4. Add / Remove Agents

The report can be used to adjust staffing. The report will tell you whether your agents are constantly on calls or not. This will help you to identify whether you need more employees to meet your call center targets or will you be able to manage the call flow with less number of employees. This will also help you with future recruitments. Based on the need, you have to hire more agents. Also, if you have multiple processes, you will be able to transfer agents from one process where you have less call flow, to another process where the call flow is high.

Agent status report is indeed a blessing for your call center. It can not only help to improve the performance of your call center but also help to improve team performance, as well as individual agent performance.


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