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Ameyo at ETBFSI CXO Conclave, The Digital Future – 2019


AI in Customer Engagement, What’s the real value? – An Emerging
Market Perspective

AI has changed the definition of customer experience. With the increase in adoption of chatbot and conversational AI solutions for assisting customers and solving their problems, banks are reduced to digital apps. In ETBFSI CXO Conclave 2019, The Digital Future, industry leaders like Munish Mittal, CIO, HDFC Bank, Sachin Bhatia, Co-Founder & Head – Global Sales & Marketing, Ameyo, Upendra Rao, CTO, State Bank of India and many more will come on a platform to tell us how AI can add value to customer experience.

Now, cash transfer can take place with a voice command, the cyber frauds have become more prevalent. While it has made the job easier for customers to click and transfer, there’s a challenge of Building Future Ready Banks that will embrace the digital transformation strategy. In the discussion with these leaders, we will discover how AI will impact the shape of businesses considering the needs of agents and customers in the prevailing times. With the onset of AI technology, organizations can ensure cohesive communication.

ETBFSI CXO Conclave will help the participants understand how CXOs are rebuilding the BFSI sector.

68% of service professionals at organizations using AI chatbots say their teams have seen reduced call and email volume, says a report.

Rightly said, from gathering basic customer information to routing the cases to right agents, AI adds value throughout customers’ journey, making it easy for agents to focus on critical issues. The next big question is how financial inclusion will help acquire the next set of customers? In the sessions, CEOs from the BFSI sector will discuss the customers’ life cycle, smart banking processes, back office automation and digital strategies pushing boundaries.

Automating the handling of routine customers’ issues like resetting the passwords or checking product information gives the best of both worlds. Agents can prioritize their work and customers can self serve to find answers to their routine queries.

While the discussion furthers with the question of cybercrime, CEOs will answer the most awaited question of cyber frauds. With the onslaught of internet connection and coding, banking security is put to risk. Putting it in words of technology, we will find answers to how the BFSI sector is staying put with robust laws protecting the industry from fraudulence.

However, using a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence to improve customer service is gaining popularity in recent times. It is, in fact, a preferred method for most businesses looking to save manpower and resources with technology innovation.

Come and witness the largest ever gathering of the BFSI leaders at the conclave of May 16, 2019, Sahara Star, Mumbai. While the event will help the participants draw useful insights, there’s the big launch of, a new portal that will cover the challenges of BFSI.

Ameyo is participating in the event as an omnichannel engagement partner and is all set to explore the digital future of BFSI sector. Get ready to meet the industry leaders with some useful insights on BFSI reigning with AI technology.