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Ameyo, even gods like it


What if Hanuman had AMEYO?

In the video, Hanuman receives a message from Lord Rama bidding him to assemble the monkey troop for an imminent battle. When he rolls out his list containing the names of his troop, he realizes the huge time consumption that will be involved in calling out to the throng of monkeys. He tries to chalk out a solution that would effectively confer the message to the entire troop at one go without hammering of time.

Therefore, a good connectivity is an essential ingredient in this approach. The different methods of connectivity such as social networking, emailing, calling, SMS etc help in spreading information to the right customers in the right time. Similarly, telemarketers send out bulk of information to their customers through SMS, emails and social networks which transports information to the masses.

Again in the video we spot Hanuman utterly failing in his efforts to deliver his message to his troop. Thus, he resorts to Ameyo, a versatile CRM tool which assists him congregate his army. Concisely, a CRM may be described as a lucid representation of information which enables contact centres as well as telemarketers  get in touch with more customers.

Hence, reaching out to the right customers in the right time has been one of the important requirements of telemarketing. This is the field wherein it faces tough challenges as reaching out to the customers is not an easy task. As we know that telemarketers aim at informing the mass about their products and services, they encounter with the problem of conferring their messages owing to which they depend on a good solution.


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