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Ameyo Announces Integration with Freshsales


For any business managing their customer relations is of paramount importance. The agents are tasked with handling the incoming queries, keeping the customer updated on their issue while keeping a handle on all other activities. All this can quickly become an ordeal and has the potential of blowing it in your face if not dealt with care. The good news is, Ameyo with Freshsales CRM integration takes these problems off your plate and allows the business to focus on customer retention and ultimately driving sales.

Key Highlights of Ameyo + Freshsales Integration

#1. Quick and Easy Onboarding


The Ameyo toolbar allows the agents to login within the FreshSales itself without breaking the user experience. Moreover, once the agent has logged in, they can select their respective extensions and choose the campaign they want to work on. All of this is happening within the Freshsales interface with the help of Ameyo toolbar integration. Thus, it prevents the agent from having to bounce between various tabs and makes the onboarding a seamless experience.

#2. Making Calls Made Easy

The Ameyo telephony panel offers an array of call options to the agents to handle all inbound and outbound calls. The agent can put a call on hold, mute it or confer with the supervisor or another individual with just a click. That’s not all, for any work in progress or pending queries the agents can schedule a callback. A great thing about scheduling callbacks is that if the agent opts for a self call back, the call will be assigned to the same agent at the scheduled time. This, in turn, helps to resolve the issue faster as the agent is already familiar with the case.

#3. Object Search and Association


What if an existing customer calls in from a non-registered number? Would you want to create another interaction for them or rather link that call with their existing contact? The smart thing to do is to associate that object aka the new call with the existing contact. And that’s what is this integration brings to the table –  eliminating duplicates and redundancy to keep the data clean and easy to access. The agents can perform search and match any existing object in real-time.

#4. Track Your Leads at Every Stage

Since the time call first lands at the call center or any activity is performed on it such as transfer, any modifications or additional notes are added, you can capture all the lead details to track the journey of the lead. Having this information allows the customer service executives to have in-context conversations. Since the call logs along with any activity are available to the agents,they can nurture the leads effectively and steer them down the sales funnel. Moreover, the supervisor can always listen to the call logs to check and maintain the quality of conversations and use this information for future training programs.

Ameyo Freshsales Integrations – Conclusion

An enterprise-grade contact center is one that offers a healthy mix of automation, advancements, and customization while making things easy for the stakeholders. Ameyo – Freshsales integration is a testament to that thought. To summarise, Ameyo integration for Freshsales CRM offers the following:

  • Click-To-Action: One click calling
  • Configurable auto call: Auto call on/off options
  • Object search and creation: Search and create new contacts
  • Automated dialer: Increase call connect rates
  • Multiple tab handling: Synch multiple CRM tabs
  • Call Activity Logs: Log call dispositions, notes, recordings
  • Call options: Multiple contact center operations and callbacks
  • Object Association: Simple call association with a contact
  • Call Recordings: Log every call

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