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Artificial Intelligence: The Next Battleground in Customer Service

Ever thought that machines could welcome your customers with a warm gesture? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given way to an emotional connection with humans and enables them as self-learners. This revolution from traditional customer service to AI-powered digital solutions has improved the buyer’s journey and customer experience (CX).
It does not need massive investment on infrastructure in your business, you just need to evaluate how you can benefit from it and what are its impacts on the industry. It is the game changer for technologies starting from banks to hospitals to contact centers. AI technologies are in a constant run of bettering and measuring the customer experience effectively.
According to the Gartner report, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human. So, now you know where you need to invest in AI for an effective customer service.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Are Siri and Alexa your best friends? Is Google Maps your savior on a rainy day? If yes, you are guided by Artificially Intelligent tools to make your life easier. Siri and Alexa use speech recognition to understand human language.
AI has blurred the line between machines and humans, the customer’s interaction with it is equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) that can interact with humans in their natural language.
It is not limited to enterprises, it has become a go-to technology for millennial. You can do one simple exercise and understand what AI is in the industrial-technological trends. What do you prefer while booking flight tickets, manually going through the hassle and stand in a queue for human interaction or you just click and get the business done? It has a hold on customer service and will continue to dominate the market with its ever-growing technologies.

AI Technologies That Will Dominate Customer Service In 2018

1. Chatbot

A Chatbot is the Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) that automates the customer service and customer support. Chatbots learn about users with each interaction and put this data to best use for their service.
Gartner says 25% of Customer Service Operations will use Virtual Customer Assistant by 2020. These virtual customer assistants have an interaction with humans in most natural ways. Their ability to interpret the data provided by humans and mimic the conversation is going to be a big boom in customer service in upcoming years.
VCAs have reduced the need for calls and email inquiries by 70 %, says the same report by Gartner. This will turn out to be a huge opportunity for businesses to grow because it has also reduced the time investment of an agent in providing solutions to the same problem 20 times a day.
It is an easy integration to the existing chatbot application that runs across all channels.

2. Personalization

Artificial Intelligence helps you to build a personal touch with your customers. Customers’ location, behavior, context, values can make the agents understand them better and they can provide a valuable input to the customers.
Many business owners think that machine-based learning is a losing point in maintaining personal connections with their customers, but Machine Learning and Sentimental Analysis are applied in AI to understand the psychology of a customer.
It works diligently for your customers and collects all the data which you can use to communicate in a more personal way and this helps you to moderate your services for your potential customers.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This helps in understanding the language structure while interacting with humans. AI enables this technology for computers and programs to analyze the conversation to give a user-friendly response to the customers.
This technology is also being used in security systems to prevent crime and fraud detection.

4. Customer’s Data Analytics

AI monitors customer’s data and helps in configuring their demands. With the help of customer’s insights, their problems, and interests, you can map a route to innovation to win the battle of customer service.
Businesses can help grow themselves with this data and design their campaigns around that to reach a larger audience. Customers are the trendsetters and AI is at the rescue to spot these trends.
It has outgrown many other technologies and has become a tool for exceptional customer experience where people are happier to have their problems valued in no


Artificial Intelligence has created a personal touch for real-time human interactions and with its oncoming. Industries have seen a boom in the satisfaction level of their customers. Are you updated about the new trend of Artificial Intelligence that has taken the retail customer service industry by storm?
Start your research today and invest some time in this flipping customer service experience technology trend of 2018.