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Belief can be a lock, your resilience is what makes it the key

The Power of Resilience
One thing for sure – If you are an Indian, literate or otherwise, rural or urban, resident or an NRI, a manager or an entrepreneur, you skipped reading the first line in completion only for the reason that you have heard, sung and read the same at least as many times as Sachin Tendulkar has faced Shane Warne.

One feeling that has never failed to bind the largest democracy in the world – Belief in our past. But ever did you bother to question yourself about what strengthens your belief?
Why does it so happen that we end up believing in aspects that have been done and proven by masses, but we barely incubate such beliefs in our own self which we can dedicate a lifetime to. What differentiates you from your idol?
A bizarre study back in 1930s in the debt struck USA went on to prove that 90% of the followers had access to more resources than their respective idols who they always believed in and still they were nowhere near their idols in terms of achievements. Time for a little introspection, my idol Shaheed Bhagat Singh had left home for a much larger cause at an age when I still was facing issues with my parents for not letting me play with my friends after 6 in the evening.
One proven aspect – Our beliefs are based on facts. The world belongs to visionaries, to people who know where their path leads. Having deep set roots in a rich culture like India, we know for a fact that our independence today is not a result of time but is an immortal flame kindled by our heroes. So, let’s plan our journey ahead.
Let me take you back to the pre-independence era to the days of the “British Raj”. Lets find out why were colonized by the British? For profit? For domination? or just for fun
Present Day – The times of LCD’s, Burgers, Information, Laptops, Cellphones, Google, Fast Cars. We have been clearly identified in the purview of one word – CONSUMERS.
We are independent, yet ruled. Let me clarify that the faith behind this thought is not against industrialization, but that of increasing foreign domination. So, if we were to talk in terms of economy, we were being plundered earlier and spent now. Either ways – Outgoing.
We need to envision the place we want for ourselves and strive for it with conviction. Probably, that is the only way we can capitalize on the platform that has been provided to our generation. Because believers have made things possible and shall continue to do so.
This is what we have at Drishti, where we have realized that we have believers who are passionate for their dreams.
I am a believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. – Stephen Leacock

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