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Can we really Download Pizzas… ???

What if this is possible ???

The borders dividing countries, the ocean separating the land, hills demarcating plains, rivers drawing the line, this is how nature divides…. Rich and poor, healthy and sick, literate and ignorant, democratic and authoritarian, empowered and deprived… this is how WE divide WE.. In the midst of division and barriers, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has arisen as the synapse, unifying the world. Some of the facts and stats:

The internet usage growth is 528.1% in a decade ( 2000 – 2011)
There are more mobile phones in the UK than people
The number of smart phone searchers doubles every two month
In three years time, tablet sales will be bigger than PC sales
Total of $241 billion in mobile transactions in 2011

The numbers here, are not only a picture of a few facts but the silver lining to the divided world. The time when we will get the news of a farmer committing suicide, in the corner most of the world exactly at the same electrifying pace as the news of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise breaking up. Where the world is home to about three million villagers, of which 92 per cent are in the developing world, Its ICT that would pull out these places to the land of EQUALITY ( w.r.t. my last post ).

Equality in terms of opportunities, development and growth. A Digital Revolution is the need of the hour which can form the foundation of a sustainable global economy. Well, I am not talking about such extreme revolution, where one can download food, or pizza could be just sent in an attachment via emails. 🙂 But just in a tiny context that all the “earth residers” know, what exactly an email is. 🙂

The rapid and spectacular growth in ICT is yelling the need of the modern world. I cannot think my world without a cell-phone or internet access. The ubiquity of technology leaves me wondering… how people managed to keep in touch with their loved ones in the age of no mobile, facebook or skype, or how did they manage to sound Genius with no Google or Wikipedia. Considering the pace of growing technology in education system, with digital classrooms, and virtual teachers at home, no wonder, my grand-children would ask “What was a school like?”, and how did I manage getting up early morning and running to school, i.e made up of buildings and parks.

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