Ameyo Announces the Launch of Channel Addition Framework (CAF) to Increase Visibility Across Channels


Messaging applications are leading the new age customers and millennials prefer to connect via multiple messaging apps. Social media is an ever-expanding landscape and the newer channels are emerging with their varied usage across the world. With the ever-emerging need of adding new channels, it becomes necessary for businesses to get a 360-degree multichannel view.
To cater to this capability, Ameyo has come up with Channel Addition Framework (CAF) that will not only allow businesses to build exceptional communication experiences across the currently available channels but will also enable easy onboarding of additional channels.

How CAF Supports New Messaging Apps?

CAF allows adding new channels to Ameyo without core product enhancements every time a new channel requires integration. The channel addition opens the possibility of doing business across the customer’s preferred channels without any hassle. Enhancing the visibility across channels, CAF has widened the channel effectiveness for customer service departments.

Why New Messaging Apps are Important for your Business?

It’s no more going to be a monologue when your customer wants to reach you. Customer service outside traditional channels gives you the opportunity to build better connections with your customers. Be where your customers are with the trending messaging apps.
Here’s what you need to know:

Deliver on Customer’s Expectations

Are you present on the channels your customers are using? Customers expect to connect with you effortlessly and on channels that they use to communicate with the rest of the world. Their expectations have changed from a simple conversation to getting regular updates on their queries.
With CAF, it has become possible for businesses to add the channels of their preference, providing true omnichannel capabilities, allowing easy integration with the new channels.

No Interaction is Missed

Customers’ requests can come from anywhere all across the web. And if any of the interaction goes unheard, you may lose a customer. Your support team needs visibility across all channels to respond to each query in time.
To support these channels, CAF will empower businesses to integrate channels that are important for their customers.

Constant Reminders & Notifications

Customers like being valued and when they are notified in time about their query, ticket status, expiry of product and more of such details, they tend to take positive actions towards your business.
Ameyo’s CAF allows businesses to get a 360-degree view of the customer’s tickets and allow agents to gather the context of each ticket in a single interface.

Auto-Ticket Creation

Tickets get created automatically each time a customer wants to interact with you through these messaging apps. This increases agents’ efficiency as they do not have to manage multiple accounts and provide a quick resolution once they receive the ticket.
You can stay connected to your customers without any siloes and let them see their ticket status to promote customer satisfaction and hence, customer loyalty.
With the detailed channel report, you can analyze which channel is effective for your business. Adding new channels to the pool of existing channels have become relevant in the ever-emerging expectations of the customers. Ameyo, with an introduction of Instagram and Google Play Store, has established its footprint in the market, being one of the early providers of Channel Addition Framework that would support the addition of channels specific to business needs.