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Contact Center Offerings to the Medical Industry


With markets becoming highly competitive, consumer satisfaction forms the part and parcel in ensuring retention and long-term growth. Customers wish for knowledgeable health care call centers which can address their requirements on the first contact, access details and most importantly treat the customers with hospitality making them feel valued. Solutions provided by the health care call centers focus on developing an outstanding and cost-effective customer experience.

The healthcare sector has always been dynamic owing to which customer services have been struggling to keep pace with the rapid changes. As a result of these changes, the contact centers should be able to acclimatize their offerings with the new challenges. Advancements in the medical technology contributed largely to the influx of patients in hospitals and clinics.
Following are some of the solutions provided by the healthcare contact centers to the medical industries:
Patient readmission solution: Many hospitals face with the difficult situation when a patient has to be readmitted after his discharge. The problem seemed to have increased and about 20% of the patients return to the hospital for readmission. Contact centers have tried to address the problem with the help of outbound communication solutions using multiple technological advancements such as phone calls, chats, emails, fax etc. With these communication mediums, the patient as well as his other family members can be contacted according to their convenience and the readmission of the patient is arranged.
Better communication: In order to receive the best future recommendations, hospitals should aim at providing the best communications. Contact centers provide many multi-channel outbound communications. This assist the physicians to receive texts, phone calls and faxes concerning the problems of the patients and enable them to take the necessary stand. These multi communication techniques store information of the patients which are thereafter responded in an appropriate manner.
Complaint management: Complaint management becomes important to all the service providers as the failure to do so leads to customer loss. Contact centers lend a helping hand to almost all the medical institutions to handle the customer complaints. The customers lodge their grievances through emails or directly by placing calls to the contact centre agents. In a situation wherein a patient calls in the contact centre for his queries, the IVRs assist the patient to get connected with the appropriate agent who resolves his complaint efficiently.
CRM: A robust CRM becomes essential in managing customer queries and complaints faster. With the CRM, the agents are able to view complete data of the customer which makes it easy for him to address his problems. This liberates the patient from the hassle of visiting the physicians or even hospitals as he gets his queries resolved by the contact center agents just through a phone call.
These are some of the ways through which contact centres eliminate the hassles of the medical industries and improve patient satisfaction. Offering the right information and service to the patients have become imperative to all medical institutes which is effectively executed by the contact centers using the latest and the most advanced technologies.


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