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Cracking the Code


Cracking the Code
When I got an interview call from Drishti, the first thing that I did was research. So, like a good samaritan I went to the Drishti Website and developed a preconceived notion that it would be a typical software development firm where major chunk of the workforce would be coders wearing formals and with identity cards hanging down their neck.

As a corollary of this, I came mentally prepared to confront a massive formal environment with typical interview sessions that grill you all the way to your core. On the interview day, I was given a written test and at that moment I started to have a vision of the proverbial demon that sat on my shoulder and warned me vehemently saying, “Here comes the pain, and this is just the beginning my friend”. Brushing aside the claims of the proverbial demon, I began attempting my test and tried to give my best in the available time slot.
After my written test, my face to face meeting with the VP, APAC was arranged, and I was like “Dear Lord, give me the courage to pull this through”. Surprisingly enough this round of interview went pretty well and I was given ample time & occasions to think and respond to the questions asked. I was also asked to attempt at problem solving and when I asked for more time to solve it, my request was gracefully granted. Unlike a typical software development company, Drishti gave me every ounce of a chance to prove my skills and justify my candidature for the position.
Thereafter, I met the Senior Manager, Marketing and here again; the whole crux of discussion was to establish whether I possessed the relevant skills for the position at hand or not. There was no unnecessary grilling routine, typical of regular software development companies, involved at any step.
The result!!! I am a proud part of Drishti-Soft Solutions, and have an opportunity to pen down my experiences for sharing with outside world.
Post joining, I could actually let go of my preconceived notions and get rid of the cliché “Grass is greener on the other side”, because based on my experiences grass is actually plush green on the other side. Drishti Soft has a friendly team of young and enthusiastic people who welcome you aboard and Drishti is the only company in my knowledge so far that throws a party for new joinees, and the most amazing part of it is that one gets to know his/her colleagues around in a non formal, convivial atmosphere, which establishes a very good bond at the very start one’s tenure.
All in all, it has been a great journey so far and I strongly hope that despite of life being a sine wave with intermittent ups and downs, it would be wonderful learning experience working at Drishti-Soft Solutions.


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