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CRM: Multiple Benefits in One Tool


CRM (customer relationship management) is essential to every business as it collects data and builds better channels for communication. The scope of CRM in helping businesses build and sustain customer relations is vast and allows a lot of room for technological advancements. Just like you remember what to get your best friend on their birthday (most likely based on a wish they made earlier in the year), an enterprise CRM remembers all the details of each customer and serves them accordingly. Now, imagine the limitless possibilities!

CRM Is Everywhere

If you thought CRM was restricted to the heavy, unmovable servers at corporate headquarters, think again. CRM is as much active and mobile as you are. Many people have a favorite coffee shop because the servers remember their names, their usual orders, and know their tastes and preferences. Most importantly, the servers gather this information through engaging conversations. So when a coffee shop mails its customers discount coupons, or gives away a free muffin occasionally, it is one of the many ways in which CRM helps deliver great customer service.

What Will Happen to CRM in the Future?

An article in SearchCRM spoke about how Disney is looking into plans for a data-encoded rubber bracelets to record information on how many hot dogs you ate, your favorite character, allows you to buy food and souvenirs, acts as your room key and parking pass among other things. Imagine the clutter-free experience such a bracelet would deliver. Similarly, what if your refrigerator needed repair and it notified the repairman automatically instead of you lodging a complaint?

These are just a few possibilities that can be made available through CRM. As it is the central hub of all information in an enterprise, it will serve all purposes and ensure that customers get enhanced service all the time. The information will also help businesses to easily gather customer responses and create new products accordingly and improve existing to eliminate any faults.

CRM in Contact Center Software

As contact centers are one of the biggest users of CRM, information is constantly being updated through live interactions with agents, your e-mails, trends and comments on social media, and your history with the enterprise. It helps agents know about each caller and makes the conversations more informative. CRM Integration simplifies agent-customer interaction and helps businesses increase productivity through reduced operating costs, increased cross-selling, customized service, and customer retention.


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