Customer Experience Statistics Which Will Impact Your Business in 2016


Statistics are the building blocks for strategy formulation. In any organisation, the work efficiency is directly dependant on its underlying strategy. If your strategy is solid, your statistics will demonstrate it enthusiastically. This is the general industry gyan. It is valid and rational for all industries. However, if we consider call centers – an industry which is extremely customer centric, the strategy and statistics will also revolve around your kings and queens.

If you want to establish a strong and a loyal customer base, you need to understand your customers’ psyche. You need to get in his head and evaluate things with his eyes. The best way to go about this can be to rely upon ‘Customer Experience Statistics’.

What is ‘Customer Experience’?

It is the product of an interaction between your organisation and a customer – over the duration of their relationship. This interaction includes a customer’s journey through different stages of awareness, cultivation, discovery, advocacy, purchase, and use of a service. Hence, its importance cannot be clearly undermined. It is the key with which you can unlock doors and create multiple opportunities to boost your business.

So, here’s a brief insight on some of the most prevalent statistics, trends and some new game-changers. To win at customer experience game, businesses need to analyse the data and draw meaningful insights from the data.

Customer Engagement

If you compare today’s customer with someone who has been using a specific service since 5 years, you will realise what role customer engagement has to play to improve his experience. In a recent survey conducted worldwide, 67% customers feel that engagement levels have gone up in the last 2 years, as compared to previous years. Customers have more say and are interacting more with an organisation. This interaction is not limited only to direct communication or face-to-face interaction; it covers many mediums. It is expanding and very likely, it will be the dominating factor for customers to pick their binding partners.

By 2020, 89% customers will shift to companies providing better customer experience and engagement.

Social Leveraging

By 2020, 85% of interaction between a customer and an organisation will be without interacting with a human.

Social Media is the new weapon for marketing, brand building and customer experience. If you look at the statistics, 78% customers said they love it when brands and organisations reply them on social media platforms. It is more user-friendly, more engaging and people find it easy to connect and reach out, when they need assistance.

Omnichannel Engagements

Omnichannel engagements and orientation makes it easy for your customer to define and use his preferable points of connects and access. There can be someone who is more comfortable exchanging queries over mail, while your other customer would want to proceed faster and hence use in-app chat support.

57% customers prefer companies who can be reached via mail, chat, video-chat, social media platforms over those using traditional means of voice-based customer support.

Customer Churn Rates

67% customer churn is preventable if the customer issue was resolved at the first engagement.

It is strongly advisable for your operations team to shift from a company-centric behaviour to a customer-centric behaviour. This approach is essential to guarantee higher levels of returning customers and advocate mutual benefits for both of you.

Mobile – Channel Engagement

59% of customers are adopting mobile technologies worldwide and in accordance to which, 29% of global companies are showing inclination in this channel of engagement.

With the average number of smartphone users increasing with every passing year, the expectations of your customers are also evolving. They want instant replies and connectivity on their fingertips. This trend is soon going to take the whole service industry with storm.

With IoT, Video-chat, Facial Recognition and many more path-breaking technologies surfacing up, it cannot be denied that customer experience and service industry has a lot more trends to witness, to enhance user experience.

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