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Customer Service Tip: Use Customers to Sell Your Products

Customer Service Tip: Use Customers to Sell Your Products
Word-of-mouth advertisement testifies to the great service gained from online shopping–a customer service model all businesses should learn from.
Customer satisfaction is such an important metric that it can make or break a company. Companies that service the customers needs to the fullest, are rewarded well. Those that fail to elicit any reaction apart from dissatisfaction or disgust are doomed to fail. So how does an enterprise ensure that they satisfy their clients all the time? By making customers their sales guys!

Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy
My friends kept insisting that I go online to e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Jabong, and Myntra to purchase some of the best clothes and accessories that were not available in retail stores. I ignored them and believed that retail was superior. The first time I made an online purchase out of dire need, I was skeptical. What would the product be like? Would the delivery be on time? What sort of service will they provide? Will they be willing to serve me even after a month of purchase?
I was genuinely shocked to know that my online shopping was a better experience than retail shopping. Firstly, retail businesses have hard-set policies that have no money-back guarantees, only a week-long return-and-exchange policy, and they were unwilling to admit that their product could be defective. Defective products are the fault of the customer, according to them.
Online shopping, on the other hand, was a fantastic experience. As soon as I placed the order, I got a call confirming my order and was given an expected time of delivery. By going on their website, I could track the progress of the delivery. Within two days of placing the order, the product was in my hands. Customer care representatives called me to confirm the delivery, and then once again later to ask how the product was faring, were there any problems, what my experience was like, and would I like any help from them. If this is not royal treatment, then what is?
When you have a robust system, anything is possible
Needless to say, when I converted to a hardcore online shopper, my friends were there with the expression I told you so! The only reason why they recommended me those sites was because they had had great customer service and were thoroughly satisfied. Quality, service, cost-effectiveness, and ease of shopping were the main reasons why they became the advertisers for the websites. The websites did not need to pay them to advertise. The amazing service ensured that.
The websites I mentioned above are among the top websites of the country and it is possible because they have hardworking customer care representatives keeping track of the orders, the customers, the deliveries, and the post-delivery service. A robust contact center solution ensures that all these processes are running side-by-side and successfully. High agent availability ensures customers can call in anytime and expect a response. Agents use multichannel communication to interact with customers, and the business database/CRM is constantly updating the customer and order tracking information.
The tireless effort they put into service is admirable and one wishes that the retail industry also adopts such a customer service model. The customer is king and they pay well enough to deserve such a treatment. Only then will they spread the word about your product and the service they received. After all, customer satisfaction is an integral part of any business.

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