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Customer Service Trends that the Experts Saw in the Crystal Ball a Few Years ago


Often, it is not easy to predict the future. Despite that, it really makes sense for the business leaders to have a proper business plan in place. It will also help them in securing the funds that are necessary for procuring investments, as well as make the required changes in the structure of their organization.

Since the last few years, it has been observed that customers have become extremely savvy as they are making extensive use of social media for talking about their brands. Customers have been also using their smartphones increasingly for interacting with the organizations whose products or services they have been using.

Many experts feel that the increased online interactions and the use of mobile phones will continue in the coming years and it will make these customers selective about the channel through which they will receive the information and the type of information that they will receive.

Organizations will continuously try to find more innovative ways of communicating with their customers, as well as prospects. There will be an increased number of organizations that will be checking social media and try to monitor the different channels for resolving customer-related issues.

For most of the organizations, the key challenge will be how effectively and quickly they can adapt themselves to changing situations. That would involve making changes in their business processes, speeding up the change process, form new policies and rules if necessary to newer customer segments. Some experts also opine that the traditional policies of companies interacting with and engaging customers will need to be relooked at in the coming days.

Customers have become more powerful and informed

If you own a business, you must have observed that there have been a lot of changes in your customers and their expectations. When a business enables its customers to select their way of interaction with the brands, they can be distinct from their competitors. It is extremely important for the organizations to take customer feedbacks and take actions wherever necessary and go even beyond that.

It is a cut-throat business environment and when a business wants to thrive, the customer experience initiatives have to be taken to the next possible level. There are years of customer experience with intelligence as businesses will be accessing data from multiple sources, make use of improved data analytics and will make use of findings from customer feedback in an intelligent manner so that their businesses can be improved and more lasting customer relationships can be promoted.

Many experts feel that many customers have an increased control over their interactions with the organizations whose products or services they use. Since the availability of information is tremendous now, it is expected that customers can now ask increasingly detailed and varied questions during their interactions with the call center agents.

Such interactions can include asking about price bargains or asking the call center agents about their personal viewpoints. Companies now have a real opportunity to look at customer experience in a new manner and an improved training process to handle such complicated interactions between an agent and the callers.

Get personal with customers

It has been a major challenge for many organizations to get noticed by their customers. However, the attention spans of the customers have drastically reduced and that have made the task tougher for these organizations to stand out in the market. The management has to constantly strive towards finding out newer and more innovative ways to ensure that their customers don’t turn their back towards them and switch over to their competitors.

Since an increasing number of customer transactions and interactions are now moving online, organizations are now compelled to forge a closer bond with their consumers. It will not be surprising when you find that more and more organizations will put their best foot forward to replicate the high success rate of using email for dynamic personalization for customizing website messaging.

Today for many organizations, their corporate websites play a major selling role so that the right messages get served to their customers at the proper time so that both conversions, as well as sales can improve. With the rapid advancement in internet technologies, many companies will feel that it is the need of the hour to use log ins, cookies, and system-based identifications for creating a rich personalized experience for all its customers.

As today’s customer are more savvy and powerful with respect to the use of technologies, companies should interact directly and do not regard them as demographics. In other words, organizations should add a personal touch while interacting with their customers. They should also understand the importance of taking leverage of the available data through techniques of advanced data analytics and then apply them via a well-defined customer-oriented business process. This will ensure that an organization is doing the proper thing at the proper time for each individual customer experience.


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